Michigan steals home over $8 in interest

Michigan steals home over $8 in interest


I find it quite probable. “They’ve stolen enough tax money from me for that property, they can eat eight freakin’ dollars!” under the assumption they wont actually take action over such a small sum.


I don’t know specifically here, and not making any comment about this lawyer, but I’ve seen a lot of things that lawyers have been involved in, and, I would be hesitant to draw these kinds of conclusions just because a lawyer is the one providing the information.


“they didn’t even tell me they were taking my home” is a glaring ommission from such a blantantly one-sided article.


I’m not sure if it is still commonplace, but several decades ago, the IRS sent me notices about previous returns. Both notices were sent 2 years and 11 months after the return was filed, one month short of the 3 year window for reviewing non-fraudulent returns. I can’t guarantee that they let it accrue interest, but my cynical side thought the the timing seemed odd. Fortunately, my later contacts with them were of a kinder, gentler nature.


The timing does certainly stink. I also can’t say if that’s commonplace but either they’re 2.9 years behind (which probably isn’t unrealistic in the current IRS gov’t cutbacks) and they really only go after the big fish, or they’re testing your ability to provide documentation in hopes accruing additional interest in unpaid taxes.


Not sure about 20 years ago, but nowadays the IRS doesn’t wait that long intentionally.

There are lots of reasons why it may have taken them that long. They could have gotten information from another exam that caused them to go back and look at many more returns. It could be that another office’s review took precedence. It could be that there was a new interpretation of the law that caused them to go back and look at all returns in statute. I’m definitely not an IRS sympathizer, but I doubt that they’re intentionally holding back notices solely to charge interest.