Navy Federal Credit Union (NFCU)

Navy Federal Credit Union (NFCU)


Credit Karma shows the date opened. I also record the date on my calendar for cards that have such offers. For my card, 90 days from account opening was yesterday.


Yes, OK Argyll. I use Chase for that but I did not think to check Chase until seeing your post. So to answer your earlier question with more precision:

My NFCU Flagship account was opened last October ninth. Adding on ninety days would put us at roughly January ninth of this year. Why did you request to know this?


The procedure for the Flagship Rewards Bonus is to pay it sometime after 90 days from account opening, regardless of when you reached the $4K spending mark.

They say it can take up to eight weeks after the 90 days from account opening.


OK, Argyll, thank you for passing that along. Much appreciated. I would never have dreamed there could be such delay as that!!

I mean, you are talking there about a possible five month delay!! So in my case we would be talking about only a week or so ago!!!

That’s nuts. But I will regardless happily accept my $500. Expect it to be safely at Alliant this coming Monday.


It says in the disclosures: “Please allow up to eight weeks after the 90-day period for the 50,000 points to post to your rewards balance.”


Argyll, my brother… lighten up.

Does it seem that you get really worked up in your responses to NFCU things?


But, but… I love NFCU!


Yeah… that’s it.


One thing to consider if you want to close the Flagship card is that NFCU might be able to transfer the credit line to another NFCU card you hold.

Their policy is not to move credit limits between existing credit cards. However, I’ve seen several accounts of people closing credit cards and telling NFCU they would get better use with one card and they have been able to get the credit line of the closed card added to a card they were keeping.


To further expand a bit, this is 100% possible (moving credit lines) when applying for new cards. I am at max exposure with NFCU and when I went to open my Flagship, they asked me which card I’d like to pull credit from, or close altogether, to accommodate the new card.


When I asked about moving credit lines between existing cards they said “No way, Jose. We don’t do that.”

Apparently they do move credit lines in some cases when closing or opening cards. Thanks for the info.


DUH!!! You are supposed to use your REAL NAME!

Try this: “Hello, this is Argyll, I’d like to move credit lines”

NFCU: “Sure! Some airhead just called in saying he was Jose and wanted to do that. I KNEW it wasn’t Jose, so I said “NO WAY””

With all due apologies…