Navy Federal Credit Union (NFCU)

Navy Federal Credit Union (NFCU)


Credit Karma shows the date opened. I also record the date on my calendar for cards that have such offers. For my card, 90 days from account opening was yesterday.


Yes, OK Argyll. I use Chase for that but I did not think to check Chase until seeing your post. So to answer your earlier question with more precision:

My NFCU Flagship account was opened last October ninth. Adding on ninety days would put us at roughly January ninth of this year. Why did you request to know this?


The procedure for the Flagship Rewards Bonus is to pay it sometime after 90 days from account opening, regardless of when you reached the $4K spending mark.

They say it can take up to eight weeks after the 90 days from account opening.


OK, Argyll, thank you for passing that along. Much appreciated. I would never have dreamed there could be such delay as that!!

I mean, you are talking there about a possible five month delay!! So in my case we would be talking about only a week or so ago!!!

That’s nuts. But I will regardless happily accept my $500. Expect it to be safely at Alliant this coming Monday.


It says in the disclosures: “Please allow up to eight weeks after the 90-day period for the 50,000 points to post to your rewards balance.”


Argyll, my brother… lighten up.

Does it seem that you get really worked up in your responses to NFCU things?


But, but… I love NFCU!


Yeah… that’s it.


One thing to consider if you want to close the Flagship card is that NFCU might be able to transfer the credit line to another NFCU card you hold.

Their policy is not to move credit limits between existing credit cards. However, I’ve seen several accounts of people closing credit cards and telling NFCU they would get better use with one card and they have been able to get the credit line of the closed card added to a card they were keeping.


To further expand a bit, this is 100% possible (moving credit lines) when applying for new cards. I am at max exposure with NFCU and when I went to open my Flagship, they asked me which card I’d like to pull credit from, or close altogether, to accommodate the new card.


When I asked about moving credit lines between existing cards they said “No way, Jose. We don’t do that.”

Apparently they do move credit lines in some cases when closing or opening cards. Thanks for the info.


DUH!!! You are supposed to use your REAL NAME!

Try this: “Hello, this is Argyll, I’d like to move credit lines”

NFCU: “Sure! Some airhead just called in saying he was Jose and wanted to do that. I KNEW it wasn’t Jose, so I said “NO WAY””

With all due apologies…


The $500 bonus for Flagship Rewards was in my account today, 14 days after the end of the 90 day period.

I called to have it transferred to my NFCU checking account. This was done immediately.


For Youth Week, NFCU is offering a $25 bonus for new members under 18, new SaveFirst CD for members under 18, and new checking accounts for members 14-24. Offers end 15 April.


I cancelled the Flagship Rewards card and moved the credit line to two remaining cashRewards cards.


I’m right behind you, Argyll. The NFCU Flagship Rewards card did not work out for me. I will be cancelling my card later this month.

Those are some very tough cookies at NFCU. They certainly have my number . . . . which at NFCU is zero.


Just curious whether there was something specific about the Flagship Rewards card that you didn’t care for, while still remaining an NFCU credit card customer. The annual fee? I probably won’t do a second year with them either, but there wasn’t anything specific to the card I don’t like (other than annual fee for a 2% cash back card, which I have several of at no annual fee).

As I’ve stated a couple of times in the thread already, my beef with them as far as credit cards is concerned is the inability to automate full payment.


Primarily the annual fee and the fact I get the same perks with the Alliant Visa and, at 2.5%, even with a fee, using the Alliant card amounts to more than 2% rewards.

I use primarily the Alliant Signature and the Amex Preferred cards, which both have fees. I would pay a fee only on cards I regularly use.


Looks like the Flagship 50k bonus is back with a $4,000 minimum spend requirement.


Wa-Hoo!! :joy::joy:

Joyous occasion as I just closed/terminated my NFCU Flagship “Rewards” Visa card. For me (only) it was more like a “no-rewards” card.

The termination went smoothly with minimum hassle. They warned me about the negative impact on my credit score. They attempted to cajole me into considering another NFCU CC product. All that was to no avail.

I asked that their records show card was cancelled at my request. There was no problem with that aspect.

In fairness to NFCU, they did pay me my $500 bonus after telling me they would not. I assume the bonus payment was an error, and I did not apply for the card to obtain the bonus. It was the sweet 2% rewards I was going for, roughly $120 of which NFCU confiscated. Hence the account closure.

Am hanging onto my PenFed Power Cash Rewards Visa card for now because (unlike with NFCU) there is no annual fee. But I have not been able to make the PenFed card work for me either, so far.

You know, it is funny. I’m operating eleven other cards each month, some issued by banks and others by credit unions. I charge pretty heavily, with charges WELL in excess of $1M/year across all of those cards . . . . . and no problems. I get my rewards like clockwork.

But with the two cards issued by the militarily oriented credit unions, NFCU and PenFed, it has been nothing but heartburn on exactly the same sorts of charges.

Go figure.