Navy Federal Credit Union (NFCU)

Navy Federal Credit Union (NFCU)


Understood. I also received points immediately following posting of several much smaller purchases. But something is amiss with my large purchase. And that is the one that actually matters!!


I wonder if they have some sort of manual review process for large purchases, or perhaps if a purchase is over $xxxx, then the full 90-day period kicks in to avoid a refund. Especially because one single large purchase could be refunded after points redeemed. I’d bet this is the case, since they go into detail about “NET purchases” in the fine print.


Dunno. But your thinking is worthy of consideration. Maybe I need to be more patient with them.

There is so DARN much fraud afoot today. It is everywhere. And it is us non-fraudsters who end up paying the price. I am getting bit nearly everywhere I turn by the fraud prevention crapola. It is using up my time and it takes much of the fun out of things which otherwise would be a whole lot more fun.


These observations are making me a bit nervous about the Flagship card. I’m just starting now to rack up required spend. Most of my required spend was going to be on the purchased of gift cards (through, but that may run afoul of their T&Cs. Another source of spend will be federal tax payments. Can’t see how they could not count those.

On the one hand, I wonder why they even care. They are earning their processing fee regardless. On the other hand, it is well to remember the reason for their paying the bonus/rewards is not to make money off of the processing fees, but to make your use of the card for everyday purchases a habit. Even better, a habit that you have trouble paying off, but barely make it.


Really have no clue at this point what is going to happen. I have raised the white flag and am prepared simply to walk away. OK, doing that would cost me a few bucks. I’ll live. I have already paid off the card. I’m positioned for a clean break.

BTW they assured me twice my large charge, already settled into my account, was considered a purchase. I also set my CA limit to zero. But no rewards so far for that large charge.

Tip off for me came when a (much, much) smaller charge settled into my account. The reward points for that smaller charge were awarded virtually instantly. At that point, after having waited several days on my large charge with no reward, I sensed something was up. When I called they said they would look into the situation, but it could take a week to obtain an answer. Decided it was time simply to walk away, or at least be 100% prepared to walk away. Only God knows what they are up to.

Pity because I was really excited and enthusiastic about this NFCU Flagship card. Sometimes you get the bear. Other times the bear gets you.:frowning_face:


Good observation, Argyll, as always. And, yeah, my purchase was WAY, WAY over $1000, so perhaps that is the issue.

Answers to this and more shall become known only in the fullness of time.:wink:


They should receive my in-full payment tomorrow. We shall see what ensues from there.


If you received the card two weeks ago and made large charges right away, paying off early and then making more large charges, expect not to receive rewards immediately and for your account to be flagged for special attention.


I’ve been a customer, er…member, for 10 years, never abused any of their cards other than some 0% BTs that were paid off within weeks/months. I have two cards, each with a $22k and $25k limit, on top of the Flagship, plus an individual navChek and a joint navChek. Also have a $360k mortgage through them and my direct deposit has been going to them for almost ten years. Never been late on any payment, have had numerous auto loans with them. The same is true for my wife of all of the above, who also got a Flagship card, did the $4k minimum spend, got 2x rewards for those purchases when they posted, but no bonus.

Is that not all a proven good relationship?

I understand that the 90 day thing is in the fine print, but do you have proof that this is actually the case? For instance, almost all of my experience (apart from an AmEx platinum 100k bonus) shows that even with similar phrases in fine print for other cards, I always get the bonus on the statement where I met the minimum spend requirements.


Is there a reason you use Navy Fed for checking? The rates don’t seem competitive.


I don’t keep significant balances in checking usually. So not a concern.


I don’t know what the deal is with NFCU and paying property tax. Earlier this year, they got the due date wrong and paid it a month after the tax bill said payment was due. Now they have the amounts wrong for 2018-2019. I have a copy of the bill which means that NFCU has already requested the bill. If I don’t step in, they will pay the amount for last year. Oh, and their secure messaging allows attached files to have a .pdf extension but does not allow .PDF, which is aggravating.


Received this offer on my NFCU card;

Pay 0% APR for 6 months on purchases of $500 or more you make with your Navy Federal Credit Card ending in 7915 from Nov. 1 to Dec. 31, 2018. After that, your standard variable APR will apply.


Received it via email or on their website? It must be targeted.


I received an offer that appears to be a targeted promotion:

“Earn 5% bonus cash back on purchases of $500 or more you make with your cashRewards credit card from Nov. 1 to Dec. 31, 2018. That’s in addition to the 1.5% cash back you normally earn for your purchases.”

This is for single purchases of $500 or more only.


Crud. This is only for the no fee card, not the Flagship VISA. Might be worth getting that card just for this though if I could get the deal. I’m doing a Roth conversion soon and need to pay tens of thousands in Q4 estimated taxes. 6.5% back makes the 1.85% fee less daunting.


This changes my plans. I’ll use my existing card for big purchases like rent for the next month and then apply for the Flagship card toward the end of December, depending upon the experiences you guys tell me you’ve been having with the Flagship rewards and bonus.


Everyone should already know this by now; calling kills the deal.


Argyll , how do you know that the CR offer was targeted?