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@jaytrader be careful, it’s this kind of behavior that got you banned at the other site…


No. What got me banned was calling them out for being idiots. And then I said, please ban me if this is how it’s going to go. I called out a good ole boy and got banned. That’s the epitome of “the club.”


Nope, not here.


Some info about using Plastiq: I was going to use my NFCU card to pay rent through Plastiq for a 2.5% fee so I set up a scheduled payment.

On the Plastiq site, I came upon a list of cards which do not give rewards for Plastiq purchases. NFCU Visa cards are on the list. The charge will go through as a purchase but you won’t get rewards.

NFCU mastercard and Alliant cards are unaffected and continue to give rewards when used at Plastiq.


This is valuable input, Argyll. Thank you very much for posting.

This is the same stunt they pulled with me. I cannot even elicit a response from the NFCU CC department. I sought to learn whether or not my unrewarded large purchase, the one where they simply pocketed the reward instead of paying me as promised, would nevertheless count toward my $500 bonus. You need to spend $4000 within the first 90 days to qualify for the bonus. I spent much more than that.

But from NFCU not even the courtesy of a response to my inquiry . . after some three days and counting. And you cannot speak with the CC department directly . . . were I running their scam I would not want to speak with cardholders either . . . you must instead go through a representative. And of course the CC department never gets back to the representative (no surprise there). I have spoken with a couple of representatives so far. Both were courteous to a fault . . very kind and attentive persons. But neither had the answers I needed or was able to obtain those answers despite prodigious and laudable effort.

The NFCU Flagship card scam is the sort of thing I would look for at a large money center bank . . . not at any credit union. But it’s just the opposite. The banks are all treating my charges with deference while NFCU rips me off. But now in light of your post, Argyll, it’s clear I’m not alone. You can add my name to a long list of members from whom NFCU has stolen with reckless abandon.


I just got the same offer (5% back on $500+ charges).

Offer Details


This is due to a VISA change, not NFCU. MasterCard and Discover are not affected.


Argyll, as an update:

Did have one card freeze me. It was Citizens Bank. Still do not know why and the card unfroze as mysteriously as it at first appeared to freeze.

I did have need, earlier this year, for Mastercards and Discover cards. That was unrelated to anything other than acceptance. One of my counterparties at that time (I had several) did not accept Visa or AMEX. But I was never scammed, I have never, ever, before been scammed and robbed as happened at NFCU. Please allow me to put a finer point on the scam:

Any credit card issuer has the absolute right to place upon use of their card any terms whatsoever they might wish. Certainly NFCU has this right along with all the others. But NFCU has a practice which is outside my experience with MANY other cards of all types. It is the practice about which you yourself posted.

When NFCU cannot pay a promised reward, because doing so violates one of their rules, they have every right to decline the charge straightaway. This gives the cardholder opportunity to inquire and learn about what went wrong. Also, that way there is no theft.

But when NFCU accepts a charge and then turns around and refuses to pay a promised reward, while pocketing a substantial interchange fee (remember, that fee is paid by the merchant to NFCU regardless), that is unvarnished theft. It is not OK for a cardholder to be deceived into believing there will be a reward when, thereafter, none is forthcoming.

Finally, lest you believe this is all covered by NFCU’s policy statement regarding rewards payments, rest assured that is not the case. The truth is there are unavoidable “gray areas” in any such policy. It’s not a problem if a charge, for which no reward can be given, is declined. That’s fair and honest. But when the charge is instead accepted, and then the reward pocketed and stolen, the cardholder has no practical way to recover.

Refusal by NFCU even to respond to legitimate inquiries regarding their theft, those inquiries having been submitted in a measured, subdued, and unemotional manner, merely adds insult to injury. They know exactly what they are doing. Most thieves do.


You’ll have to sue/arbitrate to get through to them. Issuers can do worse, like award the points, then turn around and zero them out when you try to redeem.

I can’t talk about what issuers, but five figure settlements aren’t impossible, depending on the scale of their theft.


Dude. Seriously.

NFCU approving a charge has ZERO to do with “promised rewards.” I know you know that. You’re just harping on that because you think if you say it enough times, we’ll jump on the wagon with you. NFCU hasn’t “promised” anyone anything. The whole point of T&Cs is exactly for this situation. Approving a charge and giving rewards CAN be mutually exclusive. In fact, rewards piggyback on said charges. However, it’s not always a guarantee.

If you use the card and the charge is approved, you may or may not receive rewards, depending on the T&C.

If you get rewards, you almost always swiped the card (or used it in some form or fashion).

You’re just flooding the thread with paragraphs upon paragraphs of the same thing, over and over. You seem to think that NFCU owes you rewards just because they approved a charge and that charge isn’t explicitly excluded from earning rewards, per the T&C. That’s not how it works. You know that. Trust me, we all understand your frustration, but repeating yourself to try to make us believers isn’t working. Enough already.

Someone had to say it.


Precisely my message to the likes of you. We disagree. Deal with it.


Thanks. I’m trying patience first. Remember, they still have not given me the courtesy of a response.

Later maybe some fun with the NCUA. After all, what can they do to me and I deserve some enjoyment in return for the money they stole from me.

Few years ago I had one of these disagreements, over money, that went on for several years. I eventually recovered the money stolen from me after appealing to my state’s Attorney General. I’m a senior citizen, after all. There are special considerations under law for persons in my age category. I’m far from being finished with NFCU. However, first must offer them (more than) ample opportunity to do the right thing.:wink:


I am totally, completely fine with disagreeing. You clearly missed my point entirely. Just because we disagree doesn’t mean a) either of us are right, and b) you need to continue to repeat yourself over and over.

Repeating yourself with the same message every time makes you look like a whiner and doesn’t do anything to help your case. You’re trying to push your opinion on others and are looking for validation of your feelings. It doesn’t work that way. Especially not in the rewards world.


The Plastiq situation is because of changes by VISA.

The NFCU MasterCard is not affected and can be used for rewards at Plastiq.


I got different stories about when the Flagship sign-up bonus is awarded so I asked to speak to a supervisor who confirmed the bonus is awarded after the 90 day period from account opening.


How about the regular rewards on Flagship? For those of you who spent $4K, did $80 in rewards show up quickly and is it easily converted to cash or statement credit?


Argyll I can tell you that, for conventional spending, Flagship rewards appear in your account at the same time, or virtually the same time, the charge hits the account. Hence:

If a charge hits your account and the rewards do not appear, it is a GIANT red flag. That is what happened to me.

Incidentally, “charge hits the account” in this instance means just that. Mere temporary authorizations, or pending transactions, do not trigger crediting of rewards.


Mine showed up when the charges posted. On one card, there was a charge for about $4300 and on the other card, three charges amounting to somewhere in the mid-$4000s. Both cards had rewards post when the charges posted, just a few days after initially using the card. I redeemed them for deposit into our respective NFCU savings accounts (the default and only option for cash back, I believe, is a savings account) and it took a few days to actually show up there. I’d say from charges posting to seeing the cash in the deposit account, it was about 3-5 business days.


Yes, you can just apply as a statement credit. I have always done that with my cashRewards card, but figured I’d try the deposit account method this time.


NFCU began today offering a new CD. This is for IRA and ESA purposes only. The terms: 40 months 3.75% APY . . . 24 months 3% APY

See the details here:

Link for new NFCU IRA/ESA CD

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