Navy Federal Credit Union (NFCU)

Navy Federal Credit Union (NFCU)


NFCU’s Platinum card offers 0% intro APR for 12 months on balance transfers.

All the other rewards consumer cards offer 1.99% intro APR for 12 months for balances and purchases.

Offer available until 2-28-19.


Any links?

I saw elsewhere that some existing card holders got 0% , others 1.99%…


17 month add-on CD at 3.25% is available with $50 minimum deposit up to $50K.


Yeah, DoC has an article published as of yesterday saying it can be 0% or 1.99%. I’m going to go out on a limb and say DoC’s source is mistaken. I’ve never seen different offers like this from NFCU. It’s typically one offer for everyone.


Got 50,000 Flagship points on my wife’s card as of today (not sure when they posted, as the rewards history page only seems to show earned rewards). Nothing on mine yet, but I had three transactions that happened later than hers did, to hit the min spend.


How long has she had the card and how long since reaching the spending limit?


Min spend was hit 10/15/18. She got approved for the card the week prior. We hit the min spend within a couple of days of receiving the card.


So the reward appeared 90 days from opening the card?


The last email i have about a NFCU application was October 1, when we got approved for each of our cards. So it appears it is about 90 days from opening the card. It certainly was faster than 90 days after hitting the spend requirement.


I’m planning to do the minimum spending near the end of the 90 day mark.


Are there limits on ACH transferring funds out from savings or checking?


I did my minspend on 9/4, and didn’t get a bonus until first week of January, having put in an inquiry at end of September.


It appears that ACH out is limited to $5000/day. See and click on the ACH link.


Referral bonus of $25 available through February 28. Both referrer and new member get $25.

“To receive the $25 bonus, the person referred for membership must apply online…”

This might be a targeted offer.


I’m intrigued … I am trying to get Player Two to join NFCU to get the promo CD (I probably should not have made singing “In the Navy” part of my convincing her). Anyway, I didn’t see anything in My Offers or elsewhere on the web site about it, so you might be right about it being targeted. Did you get an email?


Yes. If you know someone who wants to join, it’s probably worth a call to see if you can get the bonus.

Otherwise, of course, I could refer :smile:


As a data point: I completed my NFCU Flagship $3k minimum spend in one transaction ($4300~) on 10/15/18. I have not got the 50k bonus yet. I am expecting it tomorrow, based on how my wife’s card behaved. We shall see and I’ll report back.


My points posted when my third statement closed. I had easily cleared my spend requirement in the first two statements, but they didn’t post the bonus until the third statement was issued.


That makes sense, but my wife’s card statement closed at the beginning of the month and her 50k bonus posted just a few days ago, well after the statement closed. Strange…


NFCU says they pay the bonus after 90 days from card opening. They say to wait up to eight weeks after the 90 day period is up. It has nothing to do with the statement date.

I’m planning to do the $4K spend on Day 84, so I’ll see if it takes a lot longer to get the bonus, or I get it within a couple weeks.