New Members Introduce Yourselves!

New Members Introduce Yourselves!


Hello All,

My name is SuperOcean on FW, and SD.
Nickname: SuperOcean
Message Posts: 578
Date Joined: Saturday, December 17th 2005 11:09 PM
Average Posts Per Day: 0.13

I lurked for a few years on SD while chasing down black friday sales, Nintendo Wii’s for flipping, then saw people posting/complaining about FW so I went and found FW. Joined FW in 2005. I’ve got a few FW shirts from my participation.

Was jumping back and forth with SD for hot deals, posted a lot on SD for rebate deals but found FWF to be far more educational and interesting. Then became a student of FWF during the financial meltdown and read the CD threads, Saving account threads, Mortgage threads and used car buying thread. Recently, it was mostly the stocks threads and banking bonus threads. Reading the discussion allowed me to open investing accounts for bonuses. Missed out on free ipadmini and Dell monitors from some optionshouse brokerage. I did do some trading after reading the stock thread and I followed others into Caribou coffee, Netflix after it nosedived after the flixster fiasco allowed me to get a 5 bagger. Loved reading the threads with the lone Apple Fan boy and everyone calling him/her out.

I’m a cheap skate, so hopefully I’ll be able to apply my “filter” to the forum to help people save while I learn about investing to earn more.
Hoping that we can all do our best to replicate and exceed what FWF was. Been reading how good it used to be and how FW was dead the past few years. I’m hoping we can make this a better home without worrying about the owner selling out and kicking us to the curb. Speaking of, thanks to the Old timers and admins who put this site together.

Lastly, hope these guys from FWF also join us.
Professor Ed, Davidscubbadiver, MortgagemanNJ, jd2010, delcheapo, CN47,


I am johnadamthegreat… new to this forum. plz help me if you can


Hello. Chefjess also at Fatwallet since 2002. Let’s continue the fun.


Greetings. I am amiami44. Over from FW. Still a newbie. Into learning and started in grocery coupons as a necessity.


Hi All, I’ve been a lurker of FW since 2005 (old name: netmaster911). You guys had taught me alot of finance stuffs. Love the forum!


Am same person as I was at Fatwallet.


bbr here, same as FW. At 3:37pm ET today my bookmark went from FWF to ebates. Sad to see it go.

My main interest is figuring out how to make money in unconventional ways. I get bored easily too, so when I figure something out I usually don’t stick with it too long. The exception is rental real estate. That pays the bills and looks good to the banks. So the rest is just gravy.

My favorite FW memory is the Chase AARP card. I had a churn where I could spend 10 minutes a day online and gross $10k ($6k net) in cashback per month per card (had 2 cards). After I was banned from Chase, Citi was gracious enough to come out with a 5% card too. Now both my wife and I are still banned from Chase and Citi. Took them each for six figures, so it was worth it. Maybe one day they will forget about it.


My name was duv2ye at FW. Been with them mainly in lurk mode since 2004. I just never found deals that someone else hadn’t posted. I’m excited to see so many carry on.


Ach1199 checking in. On FW since March 2001. It was a pure forum addiction for over 16 years and hoping for the same here.


On FW since 2001… banned several times for posts that would be ok on Disney forums for 5-year-olds.



Hi. I’m Yelloe1213 from FW. I mostly participated in the hot deals/free sections but I always read the finance sections. Only took advantage of some of the credit card app offers. But I’m hoping this site becomes the FW substitute.


SummerSoFar reporting for duty. FWF member since 2005, a lurker before that. My hobbies are software development, IT, P+C/disability/health insurance operations, and trolling bitcoin crazies.


Good to see ya, enjoy!



I was userid=1 and userid=2 on FW, I sold userid=1 back in 2011.

I haven’t posted much since then for “reasons”.


Many years ago, some time around 2004, I had some Lufthansa miles that were about to expire. I earned them by signing up for their frequent flyer program retroactively, after a couple of flights. I just didn’t know much about this stuff… Of course I knew nothing about partnerships and alliances, or I wouldn’t have credited them to LH in the first place.

Looking for a way to keep them alive, I came across That’s how my new addiction started. Among many ways to earn miles, it mentioned buying Charter One GCs and cash advancing them, and directed me to FWF for further discussion.

For the next few years, I was very active there, documenting my AORs, sharing notes, pioneering freezing credit reports before applying and then selectively unlocking them for optimal results (my AOR threads made it into the footnotes of some published research paper on “financial hacking”). B* was still a thing then…

That’s where I got into the habit of exchanging more sensitive tips via PM, which eventually led to a transition off public boards completely. Still, I’m very glad that FD was started to replace FWF (RIP) and help us all reconnect.

As for those miles, the only way to keep them was to get a co-branded CC, and there wasn’t really enough time. I’d have to book a flight, then cancel it to have the miles credited back. I booked a random flight to USVI and forgot all about it. A few months later, my wife got a call from the airline advising me of schedule change. Imagine how surprised she was to discover that her husband is going there on vacation, alone… Fortunately, she figured out what that was about, and that’s why I’m alive to tell the story. Instead of canceling that flight as I originally planned, I used US Airways miles to get more tickets for the rest of my family. It turned out to be the best vacation we ever took! Hoping to go back there next winter.


My FW name was the same and I was a charter member and one of the first members of FW.

FW was also the only place I’ve ever won anything: won a wii back in the day :slight_smile:


Nice to see you here. I’m sad to see FW go but appreciate that they at least allowed the two weeks period for people to come up with way to keep the community.


Hi everyone! I was on FW back in 2004 when they still had the Grocery Forum. It was there where I first learned couponing. When they closed that forum, I just lurked from then on. When I saw it was closing, I checked where the others were going and I also joined phatwalletforums and now, I’m here also. I’ve active now in manufactured spending and still uses coupons here and there but not like I did during the glory days of couponing. When Extreme Couponers got so much exposure, it ruined all the deals as I knew it and that made me find other ways to earn/save money. Then I discovered FT and learned the new world of manufactured spending that gave our family a chance to travel more without paying a lot and using the cashback I earned for our travel expenses.


wrooster, Ex-FWF troublemaker and problem-solver, checking in.

engineer, motorcycle rider, and a generally good guy according to my wealthy, ivy-league educated, supermodel wife.


delhel, from that place called FW. Want to make FD great again.

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