New Members Introduce Yourselves!

New Members Introduce Yourselves!


Hello everyone. I have mostly been a lurker of FWF (yesak, member since 2007). May stay in the same role but will try to contribute for the first time here.


Hi all, woolooloo here, call me woo. FW member since 2008. Not a huge contributor, but I post information when I have something useful to contribute, and I have certainly learned a lot the past 10 years. I appreciate the fact that SIS and others have created this new space for us to continue helping each other. I’ll see you all around!


Hello Everyone, been a FW member since 2006. It taught me a lot that I did not know and helped me immensely put two kids through college.


Hey all!

I’ll be the unique one here…

I’m actually not moving over from FW, coming from a thread on another forum that was discussing the closure of FW and suggested this as the continuation.

I hope to be able to contribute here!

My interests revolve mainly around CC Churning and MS with a dash of resale, all for the intent of travel


Hello, I’m Booksleuth on Anandtech, slickdeals and FW since 01/02/2001. Enjoy reading on FWF and advice on tech.

My longterm favorite was RCA. I would like more discussion of ACA and how to game the healthcare system

Retired from full-time IT at MetLife and other places, now doing Part-time property management and mostly retired.


Wow, pretty decent turnout so far. Glad to make it over from FWF.


Glad to have found my way over here from FWF. Was a big fan of the forums back in the heyday of the AoR. Looking forward to working on something big again with all of you!


Greetings!! I was Sundiego123 at Fat Wallet and grabbed the same name here. I hung out at FW since November, 2002. The banker in me kept me lurking in the Finance forum but I mostly hung out in Hot Deals. Many thanks to all the old-timers who contributed invaluable tips and knowledge! Looking forward to the new forum.


Mabrikh here and Mabrikh in Fatwallet as well. Here’s my credit in FW :slight_smile:

Member Since: 03/19/2006
Ave. Posts/Day: 0.11
Lifetime Posts: 450

Live in SoCal and I own few businesses in Colorado and one business in California. Learned a lot in FW and I am glad to join here.


montee4 here. Started fatwallet in 2006. Made quite a bit of $$ from there and learned quite a bit. Glad to see the forum is continuing on! Thank you to all that set it up.


Greetings. Shinobi here. Went by Shinobi1 over on FWF.


I am admiral (a nod to Vanguard, and low cost investing in general), formerly geo123 on FW. I am excited to see so many familiar faces here!


kamal (kamalktk from fatwallet).


Hi there! Same username as on FW, been a member there since 2002, but lurked a bit before that. I started in the Grocery/couponing forum when it was really active and found my way over to Finance. I’ve learned a lot just reading the old threads, although I didn’t post very much. Thru illness and other issues in life, I’m a bit behind financially. I have some of the knowledge but need to kick start some change in my life so I’m coming over here for some motivation. Glad to see everyone!


Hi. TheGMan here and on FW. One of the original members there (if you’re lurking, hi Tim!).
Been on hiatus from FW off & on the past couple of years but looking forward to a fresh start here. Good to see a lot of familiar names already.


Hey everyone. Freakazoid on FW since 2001 (and old Anand lurker before that), and now Freakazoid here. I can’t thank the old guard (including but not limited to DH and SIS) enough for all their time and expertise throughout the years. Whether it’s here or wherever, it’s good to see the community staying together.


Hi, I’m here for the t-shirts. There will be t-shirts, right?


bogalusa here. Am still bogalusa on FW, joining in 2006 plus or minus 1 year. Happy to see SIS, as any FWer would be.

Hanging onto my FW T-shirt (earned by posting a cruise hot deal, 2011).

Interested in deals, finance, retirement, reverse mortagages, credit cards, cruises.

Wishing FD lots of success! Same goes for all FDers.


arch8ngel (same name from FWF) checking in.

Was happy to see SIS post again, and I’m looking forward to seeing where the new forum goes.

TripleB is posting here already, so that’s… promising.


Thanks for setting up the new site SIS and DH. 16+ year member of FW and like many of you Anandtech before that.