New Members Introduce Yourselves!

New Members Introduce Yourselves!


xerty here from FWF since 2003. If I’m too busy to reply to your tax, or retirement, or Obamacare question, it’s because I’m too busy trying to beat the stock market.

Also, for all the FW people, you can grab your favorite profile picture/avatar off of FWF and use it here if you’re so inclined. Might make things feel a bit more like home. Here’s where you will find the settings - click on your icon on the top right corner, and then the gear below that (see pic). Just save the FWF pic to your mobile device, and then upload the pic in the settings here. Easy.


AlpineWhite here. Engineer and real estate investor. Found FWF in 2004. First deal I found and did from FWF was Charter One GCs.


InsuranceGuy here, found FWF back in 2002 in college just in time to take out some interest free loans from our good friends at the credit card issuers. Actuary by trade, but more interested in financial modeling than insurance.


Hi this is Fatbatua. Have been FWF since 2008. Glad to be here :slight_smile:


Was at FW since day one, though not much in FWF.
New place, new name, probably not new attitude. :slight_smile:


Hi, Ancient FW member christmas here, now with upper case (“Christmas”), my favorite day of the year. My expertise is in gems, jewelry, precious metals, gardening and legal matters.


Hi All,

Vadim here

Loyal to FW since 2005, did cheat on FW to Slickdeals, and recently to numerous Cashback sites and r/churching :disappointed:

-Started with deals, took up cashback, was introduced to FWF, lately into travel and r/churning
-smart furniture:

Lifetime FW CB: $222.31

@SIS any place to see your vehicle collection? Just honestly curious :slight_smile:


Hello everyone Cuzwhy FW 13 years didn’t post much but I do like a good deal. Thanks for all the folks making this site possible looking for another 13++ years.


Hi everyone, nonplus here. Joined FW in Dec 2012. Came for Hot Deals, stayed for FWF. Glad to see this place up and running.


PugRanch on FW since 2003.


Started in 07 and owe everything I have now to my early days of FWF. Great to see so many of the same members here!!!


Hey everyone, turtlebug here (on fw since 2004). Trying to figure out how to migrate my pic over here. Help!


Preferences/profile pic


Hello all! FatWallet member since 2006. Rarely a poster, mostly a lurker, love deals, cash back, bank bonuses, investments, and best of all Free Money!

Fatwallet has been an awesome teacher, thanks to a fantastic and dedicated community! Very glad to see that spirit live on in a new place!

:wine_glass: Cheers


If you see terryann56 on any boards, it’s probably me.

I came to FW on 02/16/2002. I had been a member at MyCoupons for quite awhile until they decided to ask “loyal members” for money to get a special clover next to their name in posts. I, and many others, bailed. I searched for other forums, found two that I liked and stuck with both, one of which was FW. The other one closed in May and now FW is out soon, too. I was at first most interested in deals and coupons but then found FWF and stayed mostly there.

I may not have posted much there but I learned a ton and had lots of laughs along the way. I thank you guys for all of that. Very happy to be here.


I’m dpid and was on FW since 10/10/2001. I’ve learned quite a bit from the finance forums and made my walled skinny by partaking in a few hot deals. At least the finance forum reinflated my wallet :slight_smile:

Over the last few years, I’ve been less active on these forums and usually just glance at new posts, but I feel the gravy train left years ago. I hope that this new forum will sort of increase interesting participation.



Looking forward to hearing many interesting anecdotes from you in future! :laughing:


Hello fellow Ex-FWF. Joined Fatwallet back in 03/2008. Hope the best for Fragildeal.


I’m luvbugium. I was on Fatwallet for several years under my real name which is Cindi until I discovered that if I google my name all my Fatwallet posts pop up, so in about 2006 I changed it to luvbugium.

I was raised by working class by parents who never finished high school. I clawed my way to the middle class through education but I discovered opportunities to make passive income in about 1999 after I finished Peace Corps. When I found the Fatwallet finance forum I thought that I found my people despite the fact that I don’t post a lot. I also don’t make too much money and frankly, I’m a girl, which there aren’t a lot of.

My parents always lived in a financial nightmare. Paying bills was full of stress and yelling. They would regularly go on huge spending sprees and then declare bankruptcy. I grew up not answering the phone because it might be a bill collector. I don’t have a lot of patience for people who claim they are bad with money because they were never taught better. Both my brother and I are frugal.

Because of SIS I did many app o ramas and I read the rental property thread thoughtfully before I bought some properties. Credit card bonuses have paid for every Christmas for my kids.

I am a teacher and I married a local African when I was in Peace Corps so I don’t make a lot of money. This makes FW more impactful because a 500 dollar credit card bonus is a huge boost to my budget.

So, thanks everyone for all the work you have done over the years. I hope we have many profitable years to come.


Another eponymous transferee from FW. Used to spend more time in FWF then spent more time in HD because apparently it’s so much more exciting to get Sharpies and paper today than waiting 2 mos to get a $500 signup bonus. What was I thinking?