New Members Introduce Yourselves!

New Members Introduce Yourselves!


Another FW transplant here… was a moderately active in the early 2000’s, then went dark for over a decade. I went back recently to check on things and learned the site was shutting down with a lot of FWF’ers migrating to this site. Lots of familiar names here! Personal finance is of keen interest to me as I make plans to hang up my working hat, hopefully in a couple of years. Looking forward to learning from the community here and hopefully pass along a nugget or two.


Hello everyone!
I was known as wiseguy1100 on FW. I own a travel agency for over 15 years and have booked many of the members (and even some of the FW mods) on their trips. I authored the original FW Travel FAQ way back in the day.
Looking forward to contributing and learning from everyone on here!
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Hello all,

I am a refugee from FWF. same user name. hope to continue the FWF tradition in this site.



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Hi, from FW as daytrader. I work in finance but mostly came to FW for travel, hot deals, free stuff, and finance


Welcome - always good to have some other traders around. Does your job still let you trade?


Ok, y’all can relax, I’m here! Been a busy few weeks (School, people dying, acquaintances going to prison, etc.)… but found you and joined!

My story comes later…

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and of course the MODified title that will be on my FW Profile as it melts away into the ether upon shutdown: President, MVP Fanclub

Claim to fame - WDNNSB was my badge (I asked for it to be created). Can I request the same here, and continue thinking it is some sort of lifetime achievement???


Original FW member here lurking in '99 and joined in 2000.


This was me. I made thousands of dollars thanks to FW, learned a lot from SIS and DH, and delighted at tales of cat pee dissolving houses. Looking forward to another 15 years.


Hello, my name is, oddly enough, Brian. I have been on FW under another identity for many years.

I’ve saved, and I’m not exaggerating here, many tens of thousands of dollars on mortgage refinances and home-equity loans using the ideas and originators in the finance forum, for which I am profoundly grateful, and never had an opportunity to say thanks to those who brought about this conversation. I first learned about Pentagon Federal at FW over a decade ago, and it’s positive impact on my finances has been profound since then.

I also saved a lot of money while spending a lot of money on hot deals, and I had a lot of fun along the way, and hope to continue that here.

I was always more of a reader than a talker over there, but I will try to be a good contributor here. Thanks for taking the time and effort to build this new community.


Hi I’m junkmail. I’m Dutch. I pinch pennies. FW saved me several thousand dollars over the years, so I don’t want to miss out on any new deals


Hi all, long time FW and Anandtech user, migrated over here not that FW is closing down.


mom2jel here - FW member since 2002, lurker since 2000.
Mostly Off Topic & Freebies. In the early days the Hot Deals were good, but then it just became so cluttered with people trying too hard that I stopped looking very often.


I should update my name to Warren Buffet Fan Club. My company took the fun out of day trading. I just buy and hold. Day trading takes time and requires me to keep an eye on the market. I put in a trade in the morning, then look at the clock and the market is closed. I have so many tasks to do each day.


Hola, TeamMJS here.

Historically, most active in FlyerTalk’s credit card section and FatWallet Finance.

Been an avid arbitrage (free money and literal spreads) side hustler since before 2000 when I got an AOL credit card that gave me half a year of monthly service for doing a free BT each month.

Since then graduated to AORs aimed at the 0%/$0 fee BT offers (where I’d park in shady but government guaranteed banks paying 5-6% like IndyMac) and later driving a Mac truck through every opportunity to get free miles and hotel points from credit cards.

If there’s a novel but repetitive system that allows for a decent $/hour return, I’ll be there. Also, for any one-off easy bank bonuses, or best safe ways to park my rainy day funds (God Bless the 5% 10 year PenFed CDs I snagged when they were open many years ago).

Live in the Dallas-Fort Worth area, and before I die hope to know if the legends of Big Foot, the Loch Ness Monster, and SIS are real creatures, or simply great mythical figures!


Hi Guyz,

Another FW refugee here. I’m blueribb (Blue Ribbon TV > Blue Ribbon Computers). My name is Glenn and I’m 66 years old. I recently retired and I’m loving every minute of it. I enjoy getting Hot Deals and got quite a few on FW. I’m an avid Audiophile and enjoy Sci-Fi and Computers. I admit to using Slickdeals but always preferred FW. I had a hard time joining this forum because the activation email never came. I finally emailed the admin and got the activation email today. I wonder if others are having the same issue. My avatar is a FatBonus gambling chip from 2000.


Hi Dave, good seeing you again!


Hi, I’m Griz, I was a lurker at FWF for a while never created an account, but I figured with the move, it might be time. :slight_smile:


Hello Everyone! My name is Mike, username snowbelt as it was on FatWallet. I started the membership at FatWallet in October, 2000 (almost a charter member :). I am glad to be here…


prastogi here- joined FW in 2003 and here now to continue the fun and deals…

thanks all :slight_smile:


Hello everyone.
I was an active member at SD since 2005 till few years ago.

Hope to enjoy my stay here :slight_smile: