Obamacare - practical discussion

Obamacare - practical discussion


Thanks for posting. I saw the headline and didn’t find a free version of that new study to review in detail and then forgot about it. they say they tried to replicate the methods of the (previously discussed and IMO flawed and politically biased) Warren study so it’s not surprising they got a similar 2/3 headline figure. The interesting thing as you point out is that the ACA did nothing, and apparently the Medicaid expansion (or not) wasn’t a significant factor either.

In typical form, the site linked above discussing the article, a group advocating for single payer, sees the failure of the ACA to reduce this metric of medical hardship and concludes that they should double down on something that’s not working and go for single payer instead. After all under single payer, you can die waiting in line to pay nothing and then you won’t show up in these bankruptcy statistics - mission accomplished, much in the same way the ACA set out to reduce the number of people without health insurance but not actually to make healthcare more affordable. It too accomplished it’s polticial goals and cost control was not one of them.


Presumably because they pay him.


Chuckle… almost :slight_smile:


Actually, I read Epoch all the time. It’s free to pick up in most Asian grocery store. Some contents are straight forward news and some are anti-communist propaganda (I don’t mean that in a bad way) and some of totally weird quasi-religious blog. But, it’s free and I always pick it up.

It’s weird, even in the main-stream asian news paper, the one that you have to pay for, there are a lot of “miracle drug” ads. I guess the FDA doesn’t non-English publication.


That is a so funny, and at the same time, sadly true.