Offering discounts on airline tickets (7.5% off most published fares)

Offering discounts on airline tickets (7.5% off most published fares)


I’m not trying to act like you aren’t legit, so please don’t take this that way, but I am wondering what the deal is here. I mean, it’s the internet and there are all kinds of weird plays going on all the time.

You say you’re not a real travel agent, but you just play one on the internet when you feel like it. I don’t know anything about the travel agency business, but I am kinda curious about what that means. Do you feel comfortable filling us in on how you are able to do this and if you get any sort of benefit out of it (I hope that you do!)?


Please add me to your list Thank you


I can assure you that it is mutually beneficial :slight_smile:


hey EugeneV, is it possible to pay with our Chase UR points when using your service? That’s one currency I have a lot right now so I thought I’d ask. Thanks in advance.


If you have CSR, you are already getting 1.5c per point when booking travel via Chase. With CSP or Ink (if you don’t have CSR), it’s 1.25c. Either way, you’d have to redeem via Chase Travel - at whatever fares that are available to them. Don’t see any way to stack discounts here.


Thanks for the quick response!


EugeneV, how are you handling payments?

The reason I ask is because there’re lots of credit cards nowadays offering travel protection benefits (trip delay, lost luggage, etc.). I wonder if I will still be eligible for such protection when I book though you.


When I do the same, I only accept payments via PP bank transfer or check.

There is no mystery, these are bookings made with cc points that many of us generate from MS. As such, if you value the benefits associated with purchasing with cc, you need to do it directly.


Since these appear to be revenue tickets do you book them with Chase UR / Citi TY / AMEX MR types of points?


Yes. It’s an arb between points resale on the secondary market and the actual travel redemption bonus.


I accept personal PayPal (from bank accounts, sent to friends and family - we are all friends and family here, right?), as well as QP/Zelle, popmoney, ACH or wire.

Good question. Travel booked on points still gets the same coverage, but only card holders and their immediate family members are covered, the above remark about us all being friends and family notwithstanding.


Venturion / EugeneV, thank you for the explanation. Definitely some good value in this offer, especially for those who’re not holding premium travel credit cards.


It’s not just holding those cards, it’s amassing the points. I have also traded my points in the past. With creative, trustworthy folks, there’s a lot of interesting collaborations.


My point was that the offer makes more sense for someone who’d otherwise buy a ticket with Chase Slate card than for someone who’d buy the same ticket with CSR card.


Sure, that makes sense. Keep in mind, it’s also an opportunity for those with a premium card that don’t have points or don’t MS.


Thanks to @EugeneV I now have tickets for Christmas! Booking was very easy and I paid through PayPal.


I would also vouch for Eugene. He’s a good guy and is highly trustworthy.


I haven’t worked with Eugene (I think I’ve seen your username in some private forums?) but I can attest that the discount he is offering is not at all unreasonable or too good to be true.


Right now on vacation with tickets through @EugeneV. Great deal and easy to deal, thanks


Upvote for Eugene’s deal and Eugene in general. I also offer this same deal but i do not accept paypal. Happy travels, folks, Dont Pay Full Price!