Request: Ignore Individual Users

Request: Ignore Individual Users


I strongly request to add in the feature that FWF had allowing you to ignore individual users. Considering taking a break from this new forum until it can get added…


PLEASE, PLEASE THIS!!! It’s ONE particular troll that has already been banned from PWF that’s making enjoying FD difficult.


why not just ban me?


Uhhh…thought we was friends?


Please. Before a certain potato chip shows up here.


Isn’t he already here? Maybe I saw him on PWF a couple weeks back.


Ahahahaha!!! You’re good, man! It’s someone else.


So I’m not the only one to be banned…hmmm


You were UNJUSTLY banned…This other person was justified in his ban.


Thanks for the support. I think I’m better off either way.


that’s bs, and i wasn’t banned, just timed out for a day. and decided to leave. easy with the slander


Drama llama!


So are you saying my banning was justified?


don’t know anything about it. but i know mine was bs.


You being banned was DEFINITELY NOT. You were/are a valuable member of FWF.

This other person… Not so much.


Yea… @louis_redfoot is just a troll… banning of him would be great.

This forum doesn’t need every other thread with every other reply be by him.

He joined Wednesday (11th) at 4 PM… and has 75 replies as of 7 AM today.


^^ looks like i have a stalker, this is the guy who was flaming me at pwf and got his buddy mod to unfairly time me out. now he’s here looking for more trouble


Buddy mod? LOL… I haven’t even known the mod for more than 2 weeks.

And which mod are you talking about? The mod who’s first conversation with me was the day after he warned you?


^^ and he just proved my point. not feeding him.

seriously, this guy looks like a real stalker. someone look into it.


Really? You went batshit crazy with me and another person over PM for no apparent reason. You have like 9 different personas going, and yet you have the gall to call KayK a troll?