Sacramento Bee Loyalty Club (aka BeeBuzzPoints)

Sacramento Bee Loyalty Club (aka BeeBuzzPoints)


I’ve had that happen to me before. I’ll search my old e-mails for details, but I think if you clear your cache of any cookies containing “buzzpoints”, then close and restart your browser, and then log in to BBP again, you should be able to resume earning points.


It worked! You are the best @kateivan


Glad you’re back in business, @VickiB! :smile:


thanks for your help kateivan
Iam sure I will be needing help again


@acromobrien, you mentioned this site logs you in to the most recent post but I don’t find that to be the case for me. It always logs me in to the first post and I need to scroll down to reach the latest entries. Does anyone know if there’s a setting for this? Thanks!


How are you navigating to our thread? If I use the “bookmarks” in the notifications to get here, I get presented with the first post also. But if I click any of the thread notifications, I get taken to that post’s position in the thread. So there must be a way to get taken to the most recent post right away. I didn’t see anything in Preferences but I will look harder (there may be something in another thread).


Yes, I’m using the bookmark. But now I can see that by clicking “last reply” under the first post it takes me to the last entry. Thank you! Now the lack of pagination doesn’t seem like such a big deal. :slight_smile:


Oh good! I’m glad you say that because the pagination setting area … um, elsewhere is driving me crazy right now.

[Edit] Aforementioned pagination issue on other has been resolved. Operator error. (Mine.) LOL


now that I look at it again it is logging me in close to the top. I must of scrolled down before commenting without thinking about it. But the side bar quickly links you to latest post…mouse clickable on latest post at bottom…below dAte


I just see “reply”. No "last reply"


The only place “last reply” seems to appear is within the very first post in the thread (the first post here is the one with the links to the desktop and mobile BBP sites). There’s a bar containing various data such as when that first post was created, number of replies, and other stuff including a button that when clicked takes you to the “last reply.”


See it now…also the thin blue scroll bar near the right edge works…
I’m learning …You guys are great.!!!


Trivia TRIVIA POINTS Daily Video Question 1 - rattle
​​​​​​​Daily Video Question 2 - Pistachios


Do these videos on the mobile site before you complete all the other trivia questions (or the links won’t work) ~~~ Awesome Woman Videos (enter — and submit) ~~~ Country Music Videos (enter — and submit)

Blockbusters: Wonder
Book Worm: Rabbits
Get your game on: Master Raven
Healthy Knowledge: Immunosuppressive
Sports: Russell Wilson
TV Trivia: Nashville
Word Play: Aborigines

Daily Facebook: Cold Beer
Daily Twitter: Potato Salad

October Events Bonus Code: FRANKENSTEIN

R&W string (working except for The Buzz and Weather)
ice64 kangtruapp2bcoo34fedlounatnavhowjammorislput85

The Buzz: Lawmakers want to ban gas, diesel vehicles sales in state after 2040
Weather: 85/56/PC

DV1: Victor Wolfe
DV2: Aperol Spritz


thank you
everything worked great was able to get all the points


Woo-hoo! What good news … your feedback is much appreciated. Have a fab Friday! :slight_smile:


Looking good. If anyone has the 10K EZ Pay link for September, please feel free to share. Thank you!


I’m trying to get it figured out and if the list is going to work the way it is or if I need to modify it some until I know how each site works I will leave the list where it’s at.



I just set up my account. It looks so different it will take getting used to.


Welcome, @Karinjel and @taurus_742! Thanks for checking out this site.

Do these videos on the mobile site before you complete all the other trivia questions (or the links won’t work) ~~~ Awesome Woman Videos (enter — and submit) ~~~ Country Music Videos (enter — and submit)

Blockbusters: Daisy Ridley
Book Worm: Apollo
Get your game on: Marshall Law
Healthy Knowledge: Heart Specialist
Sports: TV Trivia: Kevin Durant
TV Trivia: I’m Dying Up Here
Word Play: Absolution

(Sat) Fun and Games: BARCODE
(Sat) Home & Garden): AMARANTH
(Sun) California Traveler: LOU PADGUG = TASIILAQ, GREENLAND

Buzz Word : NIGHTMARE BEFORE CHRISTMAS (I’ll admit to not remembering seeing the daily Buzz Word question under the R&W category; not saying it wasn’t there, just that I didn’t get enough sleep last night to be sure :slight_smile:)