Seeking CC help/suggestions - Specific conditions

Seeking CC help/suggestions - Specific conditions


I haven’t read most of this thread in a while, but did you ever explain what you are doing and why whoever you are doing it with only takes Mastercard and Discover, but not Visa?

For those of us that don’t have a “scheme” like you, there is no difference between a Visa and a MC. At least, I’ve never had a situation where one worked and the other didn’t.


Honestly, no. I have been asked a number of times, though, as you might imagine. If I explained what I’m up to here on the net I’m all but certain there would be great interest, resulting in availability (to me) of my “scheme” ending shortly thereafter. I apologize, but I’m making too much money to risk that outcome.

Also, I cannot reveal why Visa and American Express are out without giving everything away. I will say my “scheme” does scale to some extent, albeit with considerable effort. And I am finding opportunities to operate with Visa cards (but not with American Express).

However, for now my principal focus remains with Discover and with Mastercard as those continue to be the cards which offer me the easiest and smoothest path forward, the “path of least resistance” if you will.


Yes meed 18, I don’t have a scheme on credit cards. Except, I need a Visa card to shop & buy at Costco. I use the Citi Double Cash card for the rest of my shopping.

Maybe one day shinobi will let us in on his “scheme”. :wink:


You can count on this. It will be the day my cash cow passes away.:grinning:


If I may, I asked Shinobi about this a while back. Rest easy, it doesn’t sound like something that I or probably 90 to 95% of this forum are able to partake. You’re not likely missing out on a killer deal that anyone can do like Mint Dollar Coins.


Yes, agreed, Corndogg. Thanks. I am an old man playing an old man’s game. I’m almost certain my scheme would not be useful to younger operators . . . and by “younger” I mean folks south of, say, fifty years of age . . . for several different reasons. I probably should have mentioned this in my earlier reply to meed18.

In my defense, though, not everyone here is young. I’m pretty certain that, exposed to the internet, my approach to making some nice money would die a mean and ugly death rather quickly. There are some barriers to entry, it’s true, but nothing most older folks would be unable to overcome.

That said, it did take me a while to get my ducks lined up and start harvesting the $$$. Anyone reading this thread from the beginning would realize the scheme I’m employing did not materialize overnight.




I figured if you hadn’t explained it by now, you weren’t going to, but you keep posting about MasterCards like it matters to anyone else. It doesn’t because no one is doing what you are doing.

I know this reply is coming off kind of mean, and I’m not trying to tell you to share your moneymaking secret. But it is kinda of a jerk move to post that you have a moneymaking secret and continue posting when you find new ways to make more money at your secret.


Diners Club cards are MC–if your category bonus is right you could earn 3x points on the Elite.


Interesting. I didn’t know that Costco only took Visa.


Costco’s exclusive deal with American Express ended two years ago.


I really was not thinking that until I saw the word “jerk”.

Regardless, I do not take your point. Instead I believe a Mastercard with a 1.8% across the board reward might be of interest to others here (though obviously not to you). That is only 0.2% less than the highly touted Citi DoubleCash card. And Citizens Bank pays your reward straightaway. You do not have to concern yourself with payments in that regard.

Probably more important, Citizens Bank has proved for me to be an excellent source of credit. From the get-go they offered me a line almost $3000 higher than the tightwads at Citi. I appreciate that, and I believe in light of a 1.8% no strings reward, which is new, others here might appreciate it as well, yourself excepted, of course

Finally, I disagree with the notion that Visa cards are as valuable as Mastercards in every circumstance. It is situational, of course. But I know now I’m not the only individual who has sought to convert Visa to Mastercard. That others most likely are not converting for reasons which are my own is no reason to ignore the fact such conversions are happening nevertheless. So I share information regarding Mastercards with the valid hope of helping other participants here. If that annoys you please discontinue your surveillance of this thread and your discomfort will be alleviated. Thanks.


Maybe I missed it–but what exactly was that Chase card you converted to a MC?


Not a Chase card. I learned of the account while perusing my credit report free, courtesy of Chase. It’s an old B of A “1 2 3” card. Just received notice today that the requested conversion has been approved. Am very pleased.


There are a few MC only schemes that I’m aware of currently that are likely not what OP is up to, so this is relevant to the rest of us.

Plastiq and FRN specifically.


As followers of this thread already are aware, I’m posting here as a newbie, a student if you will. I’m trying to learn the ropes and I assume (at least some) others are right here with me trying to learn, as well.

Up thread we together were instructed regarding Argyll’s Rule. Argyll has not posted for a while and I hope he is in good health and remains alive. I miss his wise counsel. Argyll taught the importance of paying down a credit card completely in advance of the cycle date (statement closing date). This in order to minimize utilization, which contributes significantly to credit score maintenance.

I want to offer a corollary to Argyll’s Rule or, if not a corollary, a related finding:

Underpinning Argyll’s Rule is the notion that credit card issuers generally send a report of your usage to the credit bureaus once each month, at the same time your statement cycles. That stands and nothing below changes it.

However, I am seeing evidence other events can also trigger the sending, by your credit card company, of a status report to the credit bureaus. In particular it appears to me large, off-cycle, payments you make can initiate sending of such an off-cycle report. Clearly this will vary from issuer to issuer.

Bottom line, if you fall into a utilization dilemma and want to raise your score to facilitate a better shot at obtaining new credit, it might be worth inquiring of your credit card company what it would take, payment wise or otherwise, for them to generate an off-cycle report for you.

Personal anecdote:

Nobody likes to admit this but . . . . I messed up. With too many new cards I needed to get them all aligned, at least to the extent possible. “Aligned” just means getting the cards to where all the cycle days (of the month) are the same or at least close to one another. This makes management of payments easier.

Anyway, it got away from me a little during the alignment process and I had two closures in violation of Argyll’s Rule. These were not purposeful violations. I just lost track a bit and the statements closed before I realized what was happening. My utilization went from 0% up to only about 14%. But my credit score plunged between fifty and one hundred points (not certain exactly, but too much). I guess the FICO folks thought I needed money, or they thought I was not gonna pay, or God only knows what they were thinking.

Anyway, the obvious lesson here is: do not violate Argyll’s rule if you care about your credit score. But then, you already knew that.:grinning:


Staggering the due dates can help with float – if you are doing that.

Load card “A” up from, say 1st of the month until the 20th. Pay it down on the 29th before statement closing.

Use card “B” from the 15th of the month until the 30th. Pay it down on the 10th before statement close. Add in other cards and due dates as appropriate / convenient.

I use an online calendar to give me reminders to pay down the cards I use for such things (Outlook, Google Calendar, etc).


Please stop calling it “Argyll’s Rule.” Argyll did not invent it.


Resist, resis, resi … can’t resist.

How 'bout Argyll’s Law? :laughing:


I think it’s catchy!!