Sprint 12 months of unlimited plan $0/mo +taxes (restrictions on phones)

Sprint 12 months of unlimited plan $0/mo +taxes (restrictions on phones)


Experience two.

IPhone 7+ not activated on any network. To qualify for this deal you have to port from somewhere other than Sprint or a Sprint mvno or be a new activation with a new number.

Here is what I did.

1st, I had a VZW SIM already.

On Ebay you can buy the first month of VZ Prepaid with a SIM for about $14. I talked to the seller and they would activate my first month with my SIM. (worked flawlessly)

Once active you could take the Sprint offer and port the new number from VZW.


Can this plan be cancelled at anytime without any penalty before 1/31/2019?


Yeah it can. The plan runs for 1 year but you can cancel anytime.


Update: I was able to swap an old R+ phone onto this line of service. I’m debating signing up for a second line using my original phone now.


when does this promo signup end?


Extended to 4/30/2019


Update: Sprint sent me a Magic Box, which does actually seem magical. Data speeds at my office were in the 1.5-3Mbps range. They’re now above 10MBps.

The box is free but is quite large, about the size of a shoebox. When I cancel they want it back. I’ll be attempting to get another one for my house.


Size of a shoebox ? Wadda they got, a warehouse full of old vacuum tube units they’re trying to peddle ? I recently acquired a hotspot, the dang thing is smaller than a pack of cigarettes, only half the thickness. One side connects to the cell tower, the other side spits out WiFi. 20MBps. Freakin’ amazing.

What could possibly require something the size of a shoebox ?


This is not a hotspot, I have one of those too, size of a hockey puck.

Magic Box is a cell tower in a box. Contacts with a tower for a high speed link and rebroadcasts it on a new clean band for devices nearby.


I know.

To my surprise, my joking may well be half right. These boxes used to be $100 and a monthly charge, now they’re just handing them out (and I checked availability, I’m eligible). They must have a warehouse full of these, and with 5G on deck, they figured as long as it’s returned if you leave, what the heck.


Let me know your experience with it Joe.


How do you check eligibility?


Oh, I was just curious, I don’t need one. As I posted, I recently acquired a hotspot and I’m happy as a pig rollin’ in it with the 20+MBps connection at an inexpensive price.




That’s me too. I cut all cords at my house and use the sprint unlimited hotspot as my home internet.


Yep. I just got done converting all my computers, tablets, and DVRs over, except one old DVR I have to order a wireless adapter to plug into the USB port.

I also setup an old cell phone to WiFi and connected it to my cordless phone base by bluetooth, so it will function like a landline, you can take the cordless phones anywhere in the house or yard, and all the way down the driveway.

Next, I’m anticipating the coming disruption in TV service. I hear rumblings about Barry Diller and partners rolling out an à la carte channel service, or at least an à la carte of mini-packages of channels you can stack together, kind like PHILO.



Did you have to sign up for a whole new Sprint account with a new SSN?


I’m not convinced that it’ll actually work, but Top Cash Back offers $75 for new Sprint customers!

The most reliable way to use Top Cash Back is to log in to Top Cash Back with an incognito window to prevent any previously existing cookies from jacking the referral.

I followed the Sprint referral link from Top Cash Back and “shopped” the Sprint website for a bit and its clear that this offer isn’t visible to the general public.

I browsed the Sprint website until I was at https://www.sprint.com/en/shop/offers.html and edited the URL to add just the “free-unlimited” portion of the URL from the link that Stubtify provided above. (I didn’t add the “?ECID=vanity:1yearfree” portion though. Instead, I left the parameters that were already there in my URL.)

Having done so, I saw the offer as it appears using Stubtify’s link above and I went ahead and placed my order.

I’ll be completely astonished if the referral link actually scores the $75 but stranger things have happened. Fingers crossed…


IIRC, there was some wording on offer not combinable with other offers but TCB has been good at times so could work except the part about 1yearfree URL if that does not give any trouble to actually switch to correct acct type online without calling as seemed like phone calls were necessary

Keep us posted …


UPDATE: I signed up for Sprint and the service is working as expected – but I don’t see any signs that I’ll get the rebate from TopCashBack.

On closer inspection I see that the offer says “New Customer- Phones” and I’ll bet this deal doesn’t qualify because there’s no phone purchase involved.

Another place in the fine print says something about it not being valid on purchases under $45 either.