Sprint 12 months of unlimited plan $0/mo +taxes (restrictions on phones)

Sprint 12 months of unlimited plan $0/mo +taxes (restrictions on phones)


This deal has been extended until at least 7/31/18. There have been reports that you can double dip and get a second year free by either:

  1. Porting out and porting back to Sprint under a different social security number.


  1. Porting out, waiting 45 days and porting back in under the same SSN.


I’m really tempted to switch, but Sprint’s poor coverage has me worried. If their local network here turns out to be crap and I can’t get a signal or receive texts, can I just immediately port back to T-Mobile with no trouble or little cost?


I wouldn’t say no trouble or cost. But there’s no penalty or anything.


For old technically basic folks like me, how does one ‘port out’ a number at a low cost?

I’m currently on the Sprint plan. I think it ends at the end of June so I need to get cracking on an alternate solution.


Link to $15 a month deal?


I’d probably buy a Tmobile SIM ($0-$10) plus $3 “pay as you go” service. Port into tmobile when you get the SIM. That would auto-cancel your Sprint service. Then port out of Tmobile to Sprint.

There are some cheaper ways to do this, but you can do the above in a store, which is big for “technically basic folks”




I want in gir fathers day but have no phone nor port. what’s the cheapest decent android phone and who do you start with for a few days to port from first? any deals out there?


Sprint $15 unlimited plan signup ending tomorrow night.


That was quick.

I have sprint currently, but I’m grandfathered in on a SERO plan with unlimited data for $50/mo (plus tax & fees).

I considered porting out to switch to the $15/mo kickstart plan, but I’ve never been on a throttled plan before, so I hesitated. Now it looks like it’s too late. Oh well.


I have had a throttled plan, it is no big deal as services just downsample to match the speech.

SERO was awesome 8 years ago, but no longer worth it as phone subsidies have been decoupled from plans by almost every provider.

Port out and back saves you $600+ a year. Why not do it?


SERO was awesome as recently as 3 years ago when I got a big subsidy on my Samsung Galaxy S6. So I’ve only been eligible to leave Sprint for the past 14 months.

@jcohen73 and @Stubtify

Who should I port out to to get the easiest and quickest experience? cheap would be nice too.

Did either of you have Sprint and port out then back in before doing the free or $15 deal?


@jcohen73’s writeup is solid.

If you’ve been with Sprint for that long put in a request to unlock your S6 and get the unlock code from sprint for free.


But the free plan isn’t going away tonight, only the $15 unlimited plan.


Thanks. I think I have an unlocked Moto G sitting around at home. I stopped by Walmart at lunch, but they only had sim cards for ATT, Verizon, and Simple, but not T-Mobile. I guess I need to stop by a T-Mobile store and get a sim from them, port my Sprint number over, wait 30 minutes, and then port it back? Should only cost me the price of the sim, right? I don’t actually have to buy service from T-Mobile in order to do the port?


I knew trying to do this on the last day of the deal was a bad idea. I should have stuck to my gut.

I went to T-Mobile and got my Sprint number ported over.
I had to spend $10 on the sim and then $10 later on to get service to my phone when things weren’t working.

I went to the Sprint $15 page and made it to the last step in checkout and it said the payment couldn’t be processed. I tried 4 cards and none of them worked. It was the T-Mobile port that was holding things up.

I did the online chat with Sprint and they told me to clear my cookies and cache and try again. Tried again, still didn’t work. Then tried with my wife’s SSN and it told me I had to call in instead of taking me through the checkout process as it did before. Tried again with my own SSN and now I’m hung up on the credit check step like I was with my wife’s SSN, telling me to call. I called and have been on hold for an hour. According to the site, there is 1 hr 19 minutes left for this deal. I just threw away the grandfathered SERO plan I’ve had since 2006 for this deal and I’m not going to get it!

Unless someone picks up in the next hour and can navigate the issue I was having with porting my number from T-Mobile, this is going to be the worst deal attempt ever. And I’m without phone service until I figure out what the hell to do after this thing collapses.



According to the email from sprint, it should be working. In the long run, this was probably a good move. In the short run, all in, I probably spent 6 hours on this today, most of it time I would have spent with family on a Friday night. My wife is rightfully pissed at me. At the moment, not worth the time and stress. Ask me again in a year and we’ll see if I’ve changed my tune.


Deal has been extended once again! Now taking signups until 9/30/18


Sweet. I’m going to give it another go in Aug then.


Took me 5 hours today to do what Meep is talking about. I got renewed until September 30, 2019 and estimate my savings at around $1,300.

YMMV but for me, 5 hours for $1,300 --> $260/hour post-tax? Equivalent to a $350/hour pay rate?

I’ll do that 24 hours a day until I pass out from exhaustion.

I’ll post a separate post below for those who want to read the ugly details of how it happened, including an ‘investment’ purchasing other services whose end-game isn’t yet finalized.