Sprint 12 months of unlimited plan $0/mo +taxes (restrictions on phones)

Sprint 12 months of unlimited plan $0/mo +taxes (restrictions on phones)


I definitely could have rolled the dice but I figured the trouble I had in the OP combined with the upcoming weekend (I’ll be traveling) it isn’t worth it.

I almost didn’t meet and marry my wife because of a bungled Sprint device swap, so I’m sensitive to their issues.


Befrugal is pending at $100 even though they say they’re only doing $80 for BYOD.


Update: The activation process is crap. The automated online port and sign up failed and is directing me to call Telesales. They need an account number and PIN (which I never set up yet).

Why sprint can’t just activate when you put a SIM in a phone is beyond me. So stupid.

Glad I didn’t roll the dice over the weekend on this.


Got my account set up, have data only. No voice calls.

3 rounds of idiot reps who have asked me to do all kinds of stupid stuff and nothing worked.

I’m sure it will get sorted out but I’m now 3+ hours without a phone.

Finally fixed 4hrs. Someone with a brain helped me. I think going to a store is a better idea if anyone out there is reading this.


I am ready to start a new cycle. I see this condition in the fine print specifically “postpaid”, has anyone had an issue coming from VZ prepaid? (Personally not me, however I want to be prepared).

Limited Time Offer. Req. credit approval, AutoPay, eBill, and port-in from postpaid carrier.


I ported from T-Mobile pay-as-you-go in Sept and didn’t have any issues.