Suggestions and feedback

Suggestions and feedback


Looks amazing. I’ll keep my suggestions in this post, and I guess anyone can just edit it to add to it or remove (or add a note) as they’re accepted, completed, or rejected.

feature requests

  • A heart is nice to (+) a post, but I really liked the FW (-) feature and the ability to filter by post quality within each topic.
  • Class Actions deserves a separate section – it was a popular, long-running thread on FW due to a few dedicated contributors.
  • When I’m reading or posting a topic, I don’t see the top menu with all the categories. I have to go to the homepage to see it.
  • Pinning. Looks like this requires reaching a certain user level.


  • Some HTML is enabled (like anchors) in addition to bbcode. You probably want to disable it or sanitize it somehow. Since this is all public and registration is trivial, you’ll be dealing with spammers in no time.
  • terms of service contains placeholders (e.g. “company_short_name”) where the domain and website name should be filled in.
  • Clicking on the “site feedback category” in the Powered by You section of the FAQ shows an “Access Denied” message.

Where did all the fatwalleters go? (is this site dying?)

Thanks for the feedback Scripta. I agree that Green/Red worked really well. When the topics get longer here, the software will automatically offer to “Summarize” the threads, which should give a lot of the functionality we came to love at FWF. One of the primary ways a comment makes it into the Summary is by getting likes.

I’ll cross post the Wiki thread as well and keep working at your other suggestions. Thanks for getting involved here!


Does the software afford the option for users to choose pagination of threads, as opposed to infinite scroll? Or is the slider along the right side of the thread intended to help those who prefer the former over the latter? (I checked my preferences area but couldn’t find a way to change it.)

Or does answer my question?


Not a suggestion for admin, but suggestion for users: PLEASE use your FW usernames and avatars.

And if you could authenticate yourselves as owners of your FW accounts by sending me a PM there while that site is still up, even better. I’ll volunteer for a couple of days.


While that may be helpful to some, it shouldn’t make any difference in the long term unless you’ve established some kind of relationship or trust on FW… or unless someone is nefarious enough to register using a username of a more respected user :smile:


we need support for table markup… I wanted to import the high APY bank accounts thread, but that ain’t gonna happen without tables.


Just a heads-up in case you guys missed it in your rush to go live - the terms of service could use some attention - there are placeholders (e.g. “company_short_name”) where the domain and website name should be filled in.


Thanks for posting this @mikk1! I was in the process of making the same suggestion. Also, the “site feedback category” link in the Powered by You section of the FAQ is broken (throws an “access denied” error when I click on it).


I was gonna add this to OP, but I can’t reproduce. What are you clicking on, exactly?


When I click the hyperlink labeled “site feedback category” in the Powered by You section of the FAQ (the penultimate section), I get taken to a page with the following message: “Access Denied while trying to load /c/site-feedback/find_by_slug.json Something went wrong.”


Ah, I see now. If you open it in a new tab, you’ll get a clean error page that says “Oops! That page doesn’t exist or is private”


Ah, I see what you mean! I get that result as well when opening in a new tab.


Thanks for pointing this out everybody. Will look into it. I believe the issue is that it’s a stock FAQ (and I haven’t written a more formal one yet). And because it’s a stock FAQ, it’s by default inaccessible to anyone but me. I’ll unlock it and hopefully the community will help build a good, common-sense FAQ for new folk.



If you’d like to start right away with the high APY thread, you can use the functionality over at: or Very simple and can get this thread started while we wait for the forum to mature.

Let me know if you need assistance in getting it started.


Yeah I tried that, it didn’t seem to work.

| c1 | c2 | c3 | | |
| | | | c9 | c10 |

My understanding is that the forum software is supposed to turn this text into a table. I also tried HTML, obviously, and it doesn’t show up at all.


Here’s how I got it to work. After you copy and paste the table, select the table and click the option of Preformatted Text which is the < / > sign.

> +--------+--------+-----+------+-------+-----+
> | Text 1 |        | Abc | Cde  |       |     |
> +--------+--------+-----+------+-------+-----+
> |        | Trying |     | this | again |     |
> +--------+--------+-----+------+-------+-----+
> | Does   |        | it  |      | work  | ??? |
> +--------+--------+-----+------+-------+-----+

Hope this helps.


Jeez. I thought about that too, but I didn’t actually want it to look like an ascii table. Discourse is supposed to have support for tables, per link I posted in OP.


Will get working on Tables soon, team. Thanks for bringing this to my attention. Looks like we might need to modify CSS.


Is there a way to get the back to one’s preferred view of the forum, i.e. Latest topics, by clicking on the site icon at the top of the screen? It would be nice for navigation to be able to get back to the main page with one click instead of two currently (homepage, then Latest). Right now I have to remember to use the back button from viewing or replying to a thread.


The background is too bright. Please darken it to help with extended reading.

The topics and replies need to have alternating colors. It’s very tiring looking at basically a giant wall of text right now.