Suze on FIRE . .

Suze on FIRE . .


I miss her “can you afford this” segment. It’s brainless reality TV entertainment but I like it. It’s like FWF int he old days.


Yeah that part was entertaining.

There was also a bit where she gave letter grades to peoples retirement savings / plan.
I thought that bit was usually interesting.


It was fun but a bit too predictable. It turned into a “if you have to ask, you already know the answer” segment where she just made fun of how ridiculous some people excuses were for why they should be entitled to splurging.



Elf School looks pretty cool and it’s not that expensive. Friday sessions are about $64 including meal and snacks! And, if you can’t travel, you can get the StudyBook of the Elf School for only $49 delivered!


Those were the type that made me wonder if they were not just a made up skits. You could not keep a straight voice advocating for a $4k Elf school, go into details about the school location, their unorthodox retirement plan, etc. I give credits to Suze though for not laughing hard or going “Whatever are you on, send me some.” or “Did the hospital let you call outside numbers freely?”

Back on topic though, the other major thing missing from the analysis is your personal circumstances. Single with $1M saved and no liabilities is maybe possible. But family of 4-5 with that same amount is not realistic. As your need to support other family members (kids or parents) increases, so does your savings needs. So maybe Suze went for a conservative blanket $5M statement to cover most circumstances people may be in.