Tesla Model 3: Pre-order to Ownership Discussion

Tesla Model 3: Pre-order to Ownership Discussion


Remember that analogy about you could afford all the Apple devices you wanted if you put the purchase price of a new iPhone / iMac / etc into AAPL stock for a few years instead of buying their product?


How many shares of TSLA do you need to short to be able to buy their car with the profits? They’re gonna need a few $B by the end of the year one way or the other, and usually the way that happens isn’t good for the stock price.

Cautionary stock discussion here, for longs or unsecured creditors, er, depositors.


I think you are in the wrong forum if you are here to bash Tesla. It’s about “pre-order to ownership discussion”. If you are here to post every negative news (real or fake), please start your own forum. Would prefer that this forum focus on pre-order and ownership. You are just trolling and trying to sour our Model 3 experience and ownership.


You realize you directed that to a guy with the username of TeslaModel3… ?


That’s why I started Tesla Model 3 discussion. Fanboy or not, it’s about sharing Model 3 experience of pre-order and ownership. Clearly ZenNuts have no interest of owning one.


Here’s the thing Tes, there are 200+ car models on sale in the US. They don’t all deserve their own thread on this forum, and if anyone attempts to start a thread about a particular car model, they should expect to take the good with the bad.

Your request that people not come into this thread and talk negatively about the Tesla Model 3 or the car maker in general, especially considering it’s history, is about as fair as me making a suggestion that you don’t post here about your Tesla reservation and go to testlamotorsclub.com or model3ownersclub.com to talk about it instead.


Hey Meed, maybe you didn’t understand when i mentioned earlier that this forum is about discussing Model 3 pre-order and ownership experience. If some people who nevered owned Tesla want to talk about something not related to ordering Model 3, then they can start their own Tesla forum. If it’s not related to Tesla Model 3 pre-order or ownerahip, it doesnt belong in this forum. This forum was created to share the journey of ordering Model 3 and sharing new discovery…please let the new owners enjoy sharimg Model 3 experience. Hope you can understand and respect this forum’s topic.


There are literally 2 people on this board with Tesla Model 3 pre-orders. Sorry to break it to you, but there would be about 10 posts in this thread if it stayed on topic. I understand you created this thread and gave it a particular title, but it is now 246 posts long with most of the posts being about something other than what you wanted it to be about. Sorry if that bugs you, but this is a Deal forum with a finance subforum. If you are going to complain that the members of fragile deal shouldn’t be posting in this thread because they don’t have Tesla Model 3 pre-orders or aren’t owners, I will continue to respectfully suggest you go to a Tesla specific forum to talk about your preferred topics. You have 246 posts to see what people on this board are saying about Teslas. It’s not going to change all of a sudden just because your car is about to be delivered.


Umm…you are forgetting that I created this topic so that I can discuss pre-order experience with other people who wants to pre-order or have already pre-ordered one. Obviously you are here to troll. Are you that bored with your life? Go test drive Model S. I guarantee that you will change your mind about Tesla and will want to own one. Don’t hate something you haven’t experience yet. You are being prejudice to something that you haven’t even personally experience it yourself. Have an open mind and I bet you will have a better outlook in life rather than wasting your energy being a pessimistic person.


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Here is the reason why I ordered 19" wheels. Anyone else ordered 19" wheels?

19" Wheels Test Link


For people who have not been to Tesla showroom to view Model 3:

Edmunds Review


What give you the idea that I’m here to bash Tesla?

I often discuss the very obvious success of what they accomplished with my peers. This doesn’t mean they are prefect and there are a lot of issue for them overcome. What I posted was absolutely pertinent to a thread about model 3 ownership. It’s a car, ok, not your baby.

This reminds me of FW stock discussion thread… what ever happened to RG3?


Let’s take a last two posts. You recently post a link about a small Detroit firm claiming that Tesla don’t know how to build their car. You also posted that AutoPilot is dangerous. But have you actually used AutoPilot features on Tesla car to make a such claim? Do you honestly think a small firm in Detroit knows better than Tesla on building cars? Your opinions are strictly based on reading…not based on your personal experience.

I can tell you from using AutoPilot on Model S that it makes driving more safe. It’s still at Level 2; therefore, your hands need to be on the steering wheels as a safe measurement. It’s people who are driving without their hands on the steering wheel that are on the news.

If you actually drove Tesla car with AutoPilot, you will not make a uninformed judgement on Autopilot.

OMG! AutoPilot is dangerous!



I was actually done trolling your Tesla thread and stopped posting up until you started giving other users guff for their posts which weren’t anywhere near my level of trolliness. Even then, I kept out of it until you argued that they shouldn’t be posting in YOUR thread. That’s when I realized that it doesn’t matter the level of criticism or who it comes from, you literally can’t handle anyone saying anything about your future car that isn’t glowing praise. So I am back and I will continue to post my opinion about Tesla.

As for liking Tesla’s cars, I probably would. It seems like they make pretty awesome cars. Is it worth the money and the waiting list? That’s where you and I disagree. Maybe if I had a few more zeros in my bank account, I’d consider buying one. But I’d rather let Tesla and the other car makers work out the EV bugs on early adopters like you. I’ll buy an EV in a couple decades if/when they are a better value.

Also, it’s difficult for me to separate Tesla and Musk as a company and entrepreneur from the vehicles. If I didn’t fundamentally disagree with the way investors value the stock and the way that Musk is using EV credits to keep his company afloat, then I might be a little more fair. I recognize my bias. I have from the beginning. You, on the other hand, refuse to recognize yours.


I havnt experienced using meth, but I’m pretty sure that’s bad. Of course by your logic I’m not allowed to speak about meth, not being a meth-head.


First sign of addiction is denial. But maybe you can go to meth rehab forum and get some help.


Meed, glad to hear that you are not ashamed of admitting of being a troll. You can call my excitement for Model 3 as being bias. But I started this forum to share the excitement of discovering the experience of Tesla’s first mass produced EV. Yes, it’s still not affordable. However, I made a good investment decision on TSLA stock and set my money aside to buy Model 3. I am buying my Model 3 with the house money and don’t mind if the car has bugs. It’s an adventure to be one of the first people to encourage Tesla to mass produce EV cars. Without people like me willing to take a chance and adapt to early phase of the production, nobody will buy Tesla right now if everyone thinks like you and will want to buy a near perfect EV car. If that happens, Tesla would not even have survived this far without 400K pre-order reservation.

You may think I am too biased and excessive fanboy of Tesla. It’s not because of the brand Tesla or Elon Musk. It’s because I want to see a small company like Tesla force big auto manufacturers to wake up and start bring a new innovation to the auto industry. Companies like Ford tried to bring EV to the public many years before Tesla produced their first EV. But Ford didn’t put their best technology to make it succeed nor did they want to invest much money as Tesla has done so far. Until Tesla came along and started to produce EV that out performed ICE models, all big manufacturers had no immediate plan to introduce EV cars. So without Tesla, we will still be driving ICE cars and be a hostage to manipulated gasoline price.

I can understand why you may dislike Tesla and Elon Musk. But if Tesla did not exist, do you honestly think there would be coast to coast EV superchargers? Why hasn’t other manufacturers contributed to making their network? Do you honestly think other manufacturers would be rushing to bring their first EV model by 2019 if Tesla has not existed? You have to give a credit to Elon Musk for challenging the big manufacturers to step up their EV advancements.

I am impressed that Tesla has made this far and wish that they can continue to challenge push other manufacturers to make something better than Tesla currently can do right now. Is it wrong to to help Tesla stand up against other established manufacturers who have done nothing till Tesla became a threat to them? People who are wanting to see Tesla fail are the same people who don’t mind standing in line at a gas station and have no care to see more technological advancement in their car. Why is that a simple idea such as using a smart phone to control a car’s function has not existed until Tesla introduced it? Consumers accepted the slow technological advancement at the pace manipulated by established auto manufacturers. Now, Tesla has shown that we have a better option and technology.

If you don’t want buyers like me support a small company Tesla to push the established auto manufacturers , then go ahead and continue to be a troll and keep wasting your money at a the gas station. It’s not going to make any difference to Model 3 owners. We all know Model 3 is not a prefect EV car but it has a purpose of bringing a better technology by competitors who doesn’t want to get left behind in EV market. I am not admiring Tesla because it has produced the perfect EV car, I am admiring because it has awaken the established auto players to step up their game if they don’t want to loss their lead. See the chart below. Starting May of 2018, Model 3 is estimated to outsell all other luxury cars in similar price range.


A zerohedge post about Teslas in Switzerland make me doubt the existence of Teslas, Switzerland.


You do realize that the 19" wheels cost more, have a less comfortable ride, wear out quicker, and are less efficient reducing the range of the car? There isn’t a single metric where the 19" wheels out perform the standard wheels.

The one thing the 19" wheels have going for them is that they look nicer.


Better braking and handling according to Edmunds’ review.
Video Link