Tesla Model 3: Pre-order to Ownership Discussion

Tesla Model 3: Pre-order to Ownership Discussion


I am pretty sure every Model 3 owners are concerned about the battery explosion from a crash. It would be nice to see few independent tests showing how safe EV batteries are compared to ICE explosion in a similar crash. But at this point, I don’t believe there are tests that indicates that EV cars are more likely to explode in a crash than ICE. Media can twist the facts to get attention and sell the story. There are some gullible people in this world that believes every thing media says. Yes, it’s unfortunate to see Tesla car explode in a severe crash; however, does the media give same coverage if ICE exploded during a crash? Why is that? Because it happens every day and it doesn’t get people’s attention. However, any Tesla related news will boost the audience’s attention. Media is doing their best to take advantage of unfortunate incidents and make it sound like all Tesla cars are going to crash and burn. Don’t fall for it.


AWD and white leather options for Tesla Model 3 are going into a production in July. Would be interesting to see 0 to 60 time on the AWD version of Model 3.

Model 3 AWD Link



Tesla has opened the invitation to order Model 3 Performance Package!


$78K Price for Model 3 or $74,500 Model S 75D AWD with Air Suspension? If speed is not important, Model S seems better pricing.


That’s starting to get a little pricey. May as well pony up some more dough and go for the new electric Bentley:



This is getting to be ridiculous.


Any crash is serious and particularly if someone is injured or killed. But I think many of these Tesla crashes are the fault of the driver, rather than the Tesla.


That depends. It sounds so far like a malfunction of the so called AutoPliot. To be fair, Tesla aren’t the only one pushing out the so called advanced cruise control but it’s just not ready. I see that Nissan commercial with a car driving through a construction zone on advanced-cruise-control and just cringe. It’s giving people the impression that it will do a better job than a human.

In a control-environment I’m sure it does fine but reality is lot more complicated and there seems to be a gap between the advertising folks and the engineers.


I have to agree with that. It is a truism.


As I later said in post #222, I decided not to take this bet after you provided the above quoted information. Should I have called your (or Tesla’s) bluff and taken the bet? Do you have your car yet?


If I kept my order unchanged, Model 3 RWD would have been delivered by now since 6 weeks have passed. I pulled some strings two weeks ago to change my order to AWD model. I was told that AWD will go into production in September. I did not get a performance model since I have no interest in drag racing a Ferrari.


Any crash is serious and particularly if someone is injured or killed. But I think many of these Tesla crashes are the fault of the driver, rather than the Tesla.

Careless drivers don’t seem to know that AutoPilot is only at Level 2.With Level 2, drivers must be alert and have hands on the steering wheel.


I guess I should I have stuck to my guns with my original estimate that you wouldn’t have your car before Thanksgiving! And lol at pulling strings in this case meaning you aren’t getting your car. Usually one pulls strings to actually get something.

In all seriousness though, it’s probably smarter to get specifically what you want spending that amount of money and not just settle for what they are producing now. The only problem with that is there will be a bunch of these cars on the road in California by then and it’s not really going to be special to anyone besides you. But not everyone cares about that.


When I called Tesla national sales center, they initially told me that I would need to forfeit my $3,500 deposit if I want to change to AWD. So I called local Tesla showroom and talked to the salesperson who helped with Model 3 delivery for my sister. Salesperson contacted the national sales center and made it happen where I wouldn’t have to forfeit $3,500 deposit.

I do agree and I should get a car I with all the options I want since I am spending lots of money for it. The downside is that I have to wait till September at least. If I can’t wait till then, I can always make another configuration change request and get RWD in 3 to 6 weeks.

The more Model 3 is on the road, the better it will be since I intend to join a local Model 3 club and share my Tesla Model 3 experience with others. It’s not just about driving EV but sharing experience with other people with a similar interest.


Some news from Tesla:

Tesla builds 500 Model 3 cars in just one day

Tesla will release new RED interior option in 2019


Has anyone actually been able to buy a model 3 for $35,000? It seems like they are just trying to sell $75k versions of the car to people. I doubt they’ll ever generate a profit from this hype circus.


The hook so many will fall for. They are already swallowing the $35k purchase price, so the car is “only” another $15k.

The real sham are the publications still spouting that price as if it exists.


Not everyone who signed up was planning to purchase the base $35K model.


I agree with you there, and have followed your AWD preference from the start of this thread.

But surely someone, somewhere did go in thinking I can swing $35k. And AFAIK to date no one has bought a $35k Tesla Model 3. That’s actually good for Tesla, unless it cannibalizes some of what would have been model S sales.