Tesla Model 3: Pre-order to Ownership Discussion

Tesla Model 3: Pre-order to Ownership Discussion


Most of us value 75 minutes of our time being wasted sitting around for a supercharger to work more than the value of a tank of gas.



You don’t need to own a garage or driveway to buy a new car. Anyone, including a janitor, can save up money and buy a car. It’s about one’s will to save and make most out of it.

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But where are you going to plug it in to charge? Obviously, that was the whole point. They’re not going to be allowed to run 1,500 feet of extension cords from their apartment to wherever they have to park overnight…


Nobody is going to allow 75 minutes of charging while traveling a long distance. 40 minutes is enough to get 80% charge and it’s better for the battery. 40 minutes gives a driver enough time for a restroom break and even take a quick nap before driving another 4 more hours.

If you are driving for more than 5 hours, are you really gonna piss in you bucket so that you can go more distance? Better yet. Don’t drink anything and try to hold out unitl you ran of gas. You have 2 kidneys, so probably don’t mind sparing one. Hell, the gas fume must be healthy too! :rofl:


I thought we are talking about a new car in general. But if we are talking about EV, ever heard of supercharging stations?


I pointed it out in post 332 and again in 344, but because you are being intentionally obtuse (or just plain stupid) you aren’t able to follow from what I have been saying that it is impractical for PEOPLE IN APARTMENTS OR WITHOUT DRIVEWAYS TO OWN EVS! The whole idea behind the convenience of the EV is that you park it overnight AT HOME where you have always parked your car and there is no inconvenience to charge it. DRIVING TO A SUPERCHARGING STATION EVERY 300 MILES IS NOT CONVENIENT! Your Tesla is ideal FOR YOU. It is NOT ideal for “95% percent of drivers.” Why can’t you recognize this?


Yes,because its oh so convenient having to schedule time each day to sit and wait at a charging station, because you are unable to charge it at home.


Umm…you must be the smart one since you lost money shorting TSLA. Enough said.


Sure, but then you just have to stop more frequently. 40 minutes is still about 30 minutes longer than a typical gas stop when traveling.


Maybe in CA you may have to wait. But in my neighborhood, there’s hardly any line for Tesla superchargers. Many people have superchargers at home or few apartment complexes have a charger. Also, having a friend with a charger is not a bad benefit. If someone really wants EV, they will find a way to charge it. Tesla is still aggressively growing it’s network.



Dude, I gambled a whopping total of $250 and was off by 8 months. You make it seem like I lost my kid’s college fund betting against Secretariat.


Who said anything about waiting in a line? You have to wait just for it to charge, a line just allows you to waste even more time. A vague “people will find a way” is a stellar solution that couldnt possibly prompt concerns.

And just to note, that’s 10,000 superchargers around the world, compared to over 114,000 gas stations in just the US. And if BP or Speedway suddenly close up shop, you’ll still have plenty of fuel options anywhere in the country; if Tesla closes up shop (or decides to leverage their captive supercharger customers into a new profit center), you’re pretty much screwed.

EVs will not be practical for a majority of people, for a variety of reasons, until they develop swappable batteries, allowing you to continuously replace drained batteries with full ones in minutes.


You will have to wait… for it to charge.
“hardly any line” lol I can count on one hand the amount of times I had to wait more than 5 minutes at a gas station.
“a FEW apartment complexes have A charger”… Do you even read what you post?

I know if someone really wants an EV, they will find a way to charge it. The point is, most people don’t want an EV. A LOT of those people don’t want one because it ISN’T convenient to find a way to charge it.


Yeah, but that’s stupid to go short when Tesla was in upward trend.


You know you are so right about Tesla is going close a shop soon. It must be a fake news that Tesla is outselling BMW right now. You must be smarter than Elon Musk. Why didn’t he think of it? Oh wait…looks like you are not smarter than Elon. Tesla has a patent on it in since 2014. :rofl:


Are you one of those people that would try to sue someone if it weren’t for the, “past performance is not indicative of future results” disclaimer? Regardless, you are forgetting when TSLA lost 18% over 14 days after their peak of 383 last year. That is when I put. If you have as much in TSLA as you act like you do, you have lost a lot more by not selling at 383 then I lost by putting.


I guess if you say most people don’t want an EV, then you must be right since everyone thinks like you. But an idiot who lost money shorting Tesla has no credibility in my book.


Don’t like to show off. But I think I am much better investor than you. You subscription fee just went up to $999.98. I am going to sleep. Not worth the effort to spend my time with someone who has a roadblock of seeing the future trend.


If you’ve got the balls and the bankroll to call $32k to $80k of options on one stock at any given time, especially one as volatile as Tesla, those profits are well earned. It also explains why you have absolutely no concept of how most people decide on an automobile purchase. Hats off to you, monopoly man! Look for my Volvo on Baltic Ave if you want to visit. I don’t have a charger for you, so I don’t suppose we’ll be ever be friends.


Well, I was talking more about battery cartridges consumers can swap out at will, not mini service stations you have to go to to have your car worked on. Make exchangeable battery packs as accessible as Blue Rhino propane, and then EVs will become an option for far more drivers.

No, Tesla doesnt have a patent on that. Yes, battery size/weight and cost makes this impossible with current technology. But that’s what it is going to take for EVs to replace current cars in the mass market (that, or gas prices permanently spiking into the teens).

And of course sales are more important to viability than profits, right? Besides, I didnt say anything about Tesla closing shop altogether - if you would actually read you’d know I was clearly referring to their supercharger network, which is a huge cash drain, and you have zero guarantees of how long they will continue to foot that bill.