Tesla Model 3: Pre-order to Ownership Discussion

Tesla Model 3: Pre-order to Ownership Discussion


So your are shorting TSLA, is that correct?

Swappable battery for EV cars have been mentioned in Twitter about 2 years ago. So there is nothing unique about your idea. The problem is the cost of the batteries and liabilities. What if lithium battery is damaged and leads to EV explosion? I am sure EV manufacturers have considered this option and probably do not see it as feasible at this price point. Perhaps, when the cost of lithium battery goes down further and safety of swapping a battery improves more. If it’s easy and cost effective as you are thinking, one of EV manufacturers would have done in a gross scale.


LOL! I started my first job as delivering a local newspaper on my bicycle at the age of 12 yrs old. I earned the money hard way and studied my butt off during my 8 years of college. So nothing was given easy to me. My achievements were from working harder and studying more than most people. There is nothing a person can achieve if he puts his mind to eat. I could have taken easy life and live a paycheck to paycheck. But I set higher goals and achieved them. You can do the same Meed if you open up your eyes.


You must be a blast for psychologists and their word association exercises, the way you keep tying two completely unrelated things together.

Um, I never claimed it to be a unique idea, and I clearly said that current technology makes such a concept impossible. Current batteries are simply too large/heavy to be consumer-accessible, let alone the prohibitive expense. And yes, you can add the potential danger to that list as well.

But it’s still what will be necessary for EVs to become mainstream. Unless they instead find a way to electrify the road so an EV can run without a battery at all, of course.


" Right…so on a drained battery, ICE engine with a full tank of gas will immediately regenerate the drained battery and give 375 mile range without any delay?"

That, that right there. That’s admitting you don’t know how the technology works.


If all this is true, then you what is your excuse for dismissing large swaths of consumers and talking down to people with less than you?

Without ever meeting me, what exactly makes you believe my eyes are closed? Better yet, what makes you think I don’t achieve the goals I set for myself? Is it because I risked $250 on Tesla and you have risked multiple hundreds of thousands? Is it because I don’t agree with you on Tesla and think it’s crazy that people value the stock so high? Is it because I see all kinds of problems with the company? Do all the rest of the people that share my opinions on Tesla also have their eyes closed? Are you better at achieving your goals than everyone who shorted Tesla?


Name one famous Tesla short that has made tons of money on shorting Tesla. Ask Jim Chanos if he has made any money shorting Tesla. Your answer is right there. Yes, he has his eyes closed and can’t see how Tesla is revolutionizing the EV market.


It’s more like I wouldn’t be caught dead driving a Volt. So basically, GM cars don’t interest me…not even Cadillac.


That’s your opinion. But you don’t design and sell EV cars. On the other hand, Elon Musk has a different view and thinks a better battery and supercharging technology will be the key to success of EV adaptation. Should I believe you or Elon? My money is on someone who actually makes the best current EV battery.


That’s a great question. Open your eyes and see why people who have accepted EV technology are in love with Tesla. Have you even made an attempt to visit Tesla showroom and get a test drive on Model S before you even start to criticize Tesla. Many shorts have never even test driven Tesla but yet they are an instant expert and start to criticize Tesla based on what they’ve read. That’s why I say Tesla shorts in general are less intelligent.


Why do you think Tesla drivers pay more than other EV drivers? Tesla has already added in the cost of supercharing to every Model S and X they’ve sold. On top of that, Superchargers gets rid of #1 reason why people are afraid to buy EV…range anxiety and long charging time. DO you honestly think Tesla could have sold Model S and X at a higher price if they didn’t have the current Supercharging network?

Maybe you don’t realize the value of having a supercharging network. No other manufacturers have built their own network. Do you think people will buy Volvo EV car if they can’t find superchargers during their travel? Volvo will be begging Tesla to share the supercharging network. Tesla can monetize their network when other manufacturers once they start to mass produce them. By then, Tesla will have at least 3X the current # of superchargers.


The difference between Tesla investors and shorts is how they interpret information.

For example, read this article:

Now, shorts will interpret this article as saying TSLA will go down to $195 according to GS analyst. Bullish TSLA investors will interpret this article as a sign to accumulate more TSLA if it goes on sale before Tesla releases the Q2 production number (should be the first week of July). 5K production announcement will be the catalyst for TSLA to reach $400/share. As usual, shorts are going to ignore Elon Musk’s subtle hint that he is going to to whatever it takes to prove this GS analyst. I am going to bet 5K production number will be achieved this week.


This thread will become a case study.


Had the internet existed in the 1970s, fans of Betamax would’ve sounded a lot like you do now.


They’re nice cars, sure. Kinda like how MoviePass is a great product if you like movies - all you can stand per month for the price of a single movie. But HMNY is and has been a terrible equity investment because they lose huge amounts of money to provide a product with pricing below their cost. TSLA is in a similar, if currently less dire, place as an investment. Sure, maybe they can grow their way out of their current place, maybe they can raise prices enough after getting enough traction and acceptance to become profitable, maybe. Or maybe not.


If you have a model 3 reservation and even if you didn’t receive an email invite, check your Tesla account and you should see “Your Model 3 is ready to be designed.”


Hybrid technology was just as revolutionary 10 years ago, yet people didn’t fall “in love” with Honda and Toyota, so I don’t understand the love for Tesla. It’s cult like. I don’t get it and never will. If I need to open my eyes to see that it isn’t a cult, it is just as fair for me to say you need to open your eyes to see that it is a cult.

I don’t test drive cars I don’t plan on buying. As far as I can remember in this thread I’ve never actually knocked the driving experience of any Tesla vehicle. It is true that the products that companies make are an important factor of why people like and dislike companies. But now more than ever, what companies “stand for” and all the other things they do besides their main products or services have become just as important to how consumers view them. Companies are more than their products. I wouldn’t mind going back to the old days where that wasn’t the case, but that’s not where we are now. Do you call me closed minded because I don’t like Telsa as a company even though I don’t badmouth their actual finished product?

What does losing money on Tesla have to do with achieving your goals? With being intelligent? Do you not see that you are extrapolating EVERYTHING around Tesla? If being on the money making side of Tesla stock is the defining characteristic you use to determine someone’s intelligence or ability level, then you really need to rethink your priorities.


Back on topic:

Tesla asking for $2500 (3 day cooling off period) for reservation holders to convert their refundable reservation to orders:


Maybe they would, if you understood the technology, which you demonstrably do not, though you also cite the technology in your reasoning.

Your reasoning is based on something you demonstrably do not understand, and so your reasoning is wrong.


I got the email and according to Reddit, even folks who reserved last week got the same email, so it is unclear what kind of order they will use for this. I would like to take a test drive of a 3, or at least sit in one to see if I can deal with the quirks and design decisions before putting money down. I have the second reservation with no takers of those I know in real life. Overall giving Elon about $50 in lost interest was worth it to advance green transportation IMO.


He advanced green transportation by building a coal powered car?

Before you reply, please don’t take this as me claiming Tesla doesn’t make amazingly engineered vehicles. I’m just joking around.