Tipping Thread Appendix A (tipped wage discussion)

Tipping Thread Appendix A (tipped wage discussion)

USPS (the retail counter people, not delivery people)

The people who work in the post offices around here are mostly efficient and friendly. There are exceptions.

There are bad eggs in every field. I’m talking about the general perception that if you dont tip well, you’re going to be served refried beans instead of the steak you ordered.

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Yeah I don’t know why we got that idea.

How did “lets give people extra money for doing a great job” turn into “you’d better give em 25% or they’ll spit in your food” ?


I honestly don’t understand it.

If I compare the price of eating out in continental Europe (Germany, Italy, and Austria specifically) to, say, where we live in Seattle, the pricing is pretty comparable until you include the tip. I was quite shocked how I could get two plates of good pasta and a mezzo liter of wine in Italy for 35-40 euros all inclusive when in the US, this amount of food and beverage would easily be $45 + tax + tip. I can point to similar stories in other European cities I’ve visited, aside from London where everything is crazy expensive.

The restaurant business isn’t typically wildly profitable either… so I don’t really feel like most owners are taking their customers for a ride. How can Europeans pay their waitstaff and charge a similar amount while American restaurateurs can’t?


I don’t think this fully explains it, but there are generally fewer servers in Europe for the same number of customers.

That seems to be less true by the day. :slightly_frowning_face:

Our counter people are more reliable, albeit slower. I get mail delivered by my neighbors. :smile:

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Probably not the best city to compare. Your minimum wage is $15 isn’t it? And wait staff get 100% of that plus tips.