UR Points Not = 1.5 Cents For Me. How to Maximize Travel?

UR Points Not = 1.5 Cents For Me. How to Maximize Travel?


Yes. Haha sorry for the helpful answer.

Like Hilton and Marriot they have low middle and upper tier. Start at 5K pts/not and go up to $1000+ for some of the park Hyatt’s.
They’ve always seemed expensive to me since it’s much easier to get status at Hilton and I usually stay at low/mid (Hilton, some DoubleTree, or Hilton Garden In). I stayed in one nice one several years ago through a priceline bid, but I don’t think that property does those for last several years. (Was ~$130 at Hyatt Grand Cypress Orlando). I try never to pay over around $100 a night in rewards or cash minus earned rewards, and there’s very few Hyatt I have seen for 5K pts/nt. And id get a fare breakfast at the HGI, better than the “free for everyone” breakfasts at the low brands. Amex will pay you to give you Hilton’s top status. I am unaware of a similar option for Hyatt.

A plus for Hyatt vs Hilton is that Hilton has vastly devalued their points redemption options to eliminate any possibility of finding “better value” and now it is rare for a hotel to have “normal” points cost when the rate is a peak rate (like special events). Meanwhile, the Hyatt’s seem to stay at their same point cost – so it might be 5K points or $300/nt at a Hyatt. Whereas a Hilton property that usually tops out at 20K points (~$100 value) will disable regular point redemptions and it’s 80k+ points ($400 worth of points) a night when the room rate is temporarily $300.


I have Hilton Diamond and Marriott Platinum status. Nothing with Hyatt. I’d feel bad spending a night there as a regular person. :rofl:


I don’t really care about the status (means almost nothing). But the $$ benefits that go with it.

I’m actually not that familiar with hyatt’s program so I dunno if it has a real $$ value to me anyways, though. With Hilton it actually has value (the breakfasts at the properties that don’t have free breakfast, extra points earning, and rarely upgrades).


Do a status match


I’d take other people’s valuations of redemptions with a grain of salt.


Feel free to stay at a Hyatt Place. All the rooms are the same and breakfast is already included. :slight_smile: