! WELCOME NEW USERS ! Ask your questions here! (flame-free)!

! WELCOME NEW USERS ! Ask your questions here! (flame-free)!


I used credit karma last year, will probably do it again this year. Schedule C, lots of deductions and interest and dividend income. Was easy enough. And free.


I’m still confused about what to do with my ConnectYourCare HSA. There is $980 in the cash HSA part, and $21,000 in the investment part. Switched jobs so now I have to pay a $4/mo fee since I’m no longer an employee. My new job does not offer HDHP or HSA. What happens when the cash portion goes to $0 after all these fees? Do I have to keep selling the investments in order to pay the $4/mo fee?

I’ve tried calling other HSA banks to see if I can transfer, but they all say that I have to have a HDHP in order to have an HSA with them.


Great questions. I say, either call them and ask, or spend down the $980 and see what happens.


I did call but the CSR had no idea what I was asking.


I’m not surprised at all. My guess is that it will be treated like a checking account and just go negative every month. And the moment you need to spend the money and transfer from your investment account into the checking account, whatever negative amount was in there will be wiped out by the money you transferred. Only one way to find out though. Either spend down and find out right away, or never touch it and you’ll find out in 20 years and 5 months.