! WELCOME NEW USERS ! Ask your questions here! (flame-free)!

! WELCOME NEW USERS ! Ask your questions here! (flame-free)!

If on your wife’s W-2, the little box that says “retirement plan” is NOT checked, yes you should be good to deduct the full $5,500. To be sure, finish your taxes in a tax prep program and see if it lets you get the deduction automatically.


What is the best redemption option(s) for Amex MR points? I have about 27,000 of them. I discovered that statement redemption is not as great as expected… Thanks in advance!

Does anyone have any suggestions for where to start looking for a VA Loan?

I saw the link at the top of this thread for Zillow and at least one of the loan companies seems a bit shady.


Does anyone know how to contact the FWF class action guy? MikeFxxxx I think. I remember his long thread about a class action having to do with mortgage modification fees that he vaguely outlines during the process. Or if you don’t know how to contact him, can anyone point me to any public info of his? I seem to remember he eventually gave enough info to find articles and such about the suit. Thanks.

Well, a two year break wasn’t bad. :slight_smile:


Has anyone else received a new Bank of America credit card or debit card that is impossible to sign? I just got a new one and I’ve tried a ball point pen, a roller ball pen, and a gel pen and the darn thing won’t hold any ink. The signature strip doesn’t feel any different than the rest of the card. I don’t feel like buying a fine point sharpie just to sign the back of my credit card.

I stopped signing my credit cards probably over a decade ago. Nobody cares / checks. With EMV you shouldn’t even have to hand your card to anyone (but old habits die hard, so it’ll be a few years before we catch up to the rest of the world).


I make monthly contributions to a post-tax Traditional IRA. I want to do the backdoor Roth IRA conversion.

  1. Does the contribution have to sit in the Traditional for any period of time or can I do it immediately?

  2. Am I allowed to do the conversion every month after that month’s contribution?