Whom will the Democrats nominate for the 2020 POTUS run?

Whom will the Democrats nominate for the 2020 POTUS run?


DiFi has struck back vigorously at Kamala. I did not see this coming, but I probably should have given the tumultuous state of California politics. DiFi did not respond much when California ultra-liberals told her to get lost, though I’m certain she was hurt by the lack of support and respect. But she has done so now with a full-frontal assault on her fellow California Senator, and presidential hopeful, Kamala. I guess what goes around comes around. Amazing stuff and we’re only just getting started!!

DiFi boosts Joe, kicks Kamala in the . . uh . . in the posterior!

“She’s brand new here” Oh, lordy, is that incisive!


I think Sherrod Brown could be a dark horse.


You were the one who made the (now removed) comment about “triggering” “libs.”


Here’s the quote from the article you linked:

I read it as reasonable and respectful. All you see is drama.


I quoted a chunk of what you wrote. It wasn’t “selective” or extreme. I don’t disagree that there are people who want a smaller government or do not support globalism or open borders. Those are topics worth talking about. But you lumped everyone who disagrees with you (a majority, by the way), put a negative label on it (“swamp”), and redefined patriotism to your own liking.

I think the disagreement is very fundamental. It seems to me that we have different definitions of patriotism and of what makes a good leader, or just a good person.


First of all, that comment was accurate and hardly cause for alarm. Did you read the post to which I was reacting?

But more importantly, I did not remove my post. It was removed because those having low tolerance for difference of opinion complained to mods. Persons on my side call that censorship, it is rampant in America today, and it is contrary to speech freedom once taken for granted.


And plenty of it. When the senator from a state comes out in opposition to her fellow senator, from the same state, yes that is dramatic.

That drama is enhanced when one considers the earlier smackdown handed to DiFi by California members of her own Democrat party, which must have smarted plenty.

But I do agree DiFi was respectful. She respectfully believes that Joe Biden, and NOT Kamala, should lead the ticket!!:rofl:


What you wrote was extreme. And you were selective in that you ferreted out a small portion of my writing for criticism, while making no response whatsoever to my larger point, the actual thrust of my post.

On this point there is no disagreement. There is a cold civil war in America today. We are on opposite sides of the battlefield.

I assume this refers, at least in part, to Trump. I, too, wish he had the ability to advance conservative principles without being so outspoken and abrasive. Trump, as a champion for our side, presents something of a dilemma. The guy is not even ideological. He is transactional, as you might expect from a businessman. But he is what we have so we have to live with him, warts and all. Trump is better than the RINOs, and far better than any Democrat.


Yes. Fox entertainment network, Putin and KJU statements, and gibberish tweets are accurate facts.

Whereas the best intelligence agency in the world, the “fake media”, any statistical based polling is fake. Oh and also no need to disavow neonazis, they’re just misunderstood. There were people causing trouble “on both sides!”.

No Russian interference in support of one candidate over the other. Exit polls and actual election results are fake. 90% voted for Trump policies in 2018! The only demographics that voted R weren’t just over 50 white and uneducated white — Fake polls! Russia and North Korea are our closest allies, Canada is terrible! And that KJU is a swell guy, you just need to get to know him better.

-thread obviously political, but it was from the first post.


Thank you for your post.

I understand your very strong disagreement with conservative views. And I appreciate your having expressed your disagreement without use of bad or excessive language.

Millions of people agree with the way you look at things. Millions of others, myself included, do not. That is the divide in our country today.

I wish you well.


Substitute “People who either support Trump or dislike the alternative more” for everywhere you inaccurately referred to “conservative” and substitute “those who do not” wherever you referred to “libs” and you trend to a much more reasonable statement.

There’s various groups also in each “team” which unfortunately often overrides a terrible candidate or terrible specific policies. The GOP generally described itself as 3 legs for the 3 main factions, and they never agreed on everything.

I would argue the specific legs are no longer the same after the new acceptance of a new group and the exodus of those that found them unacceptable, but that doesn’t detract from there being multiple groups of people trying to work together.


Do not confuse your freedom to speak your mind and be judged by peers as someone who does not deserve to be heard with the freedom of speech granted by the US constitution.

In the same way that a member of the GOP is not a member of the “Republic” party, the word you are looking for is “Democratic”.


That comment revealed you to be a divisive troll.


Those are not conservative views. They’re delusional views. Very different.


Joe Biden, at 76, is not seeing any alternative to making a POTUS run. He says he would gladly step aside should another Democrat emerge who would be able to dispatch President Trump. It’s a large field but Biden, at this time, perceives no other candidate able to get the job done. Not all Democrats are pleased about the thought of a Biden candidacy:

From the New York Times: Biden sees self as most effective Trump torpedo

If Biden makes a run, does President Obama have any choice other than to support him?


Tulsi has made her formal announcement:

Hottest candidate in either party has just announced POTUS run!!

I put it to you straight up:

Wouldn’t you prefer looking at Tulsi for four years rather than either Trump or Biden? To me this is a no brainer!! :grin::grin:


And just why are you leaving Hillary out of your comments. That’s just flat out sexist [sarcasm emoji, just to be sure]. Hillary deserves another chance. She’s stayed with her deboner husband through all of his extracurricular activities, when leaving him could have been a political nightmare. She supported Barack Obama through all of his two terms. I think the democrat party owes her.


I intended no insult to Hillary.

At this point another Hillary POTUS run would be a Godsend.



Hillary is toxic. Obviously not enough people liked her when it mattered. Not obvious whether enough of them changed their mind.


It is becoming more difficult to keep up with this topic. Lesser known Democrats are announcing their candidacies. I try to keep up. But these are folks with whom I am completely unfamiliar.

Democrats deserve a lot of credit for offering voters real choice. I think in 2016 this was not the case. But the lesson of too narrow a field appears to have been well learned. That said, the inevitable debates among all these Democrat candidates will be incredibly interesting, even more so I think than with the Republicans in 2016. And that wide field and debate process gave Republicans a winner. A broad field and an open process can only help Democrats this time around.

OK, so you want more specificity. Here is one example. I had never heard of this young man prior to seeing this article. And I for certain am unable to pronounce his name. But this chap is a Democrat and he is running for POTUS:

Democrat candidates are emerging from the woodwork!