Whom will the Democrats nominate for the 2020 POTUS run?

Whom will the Democrats nominate for the 2020 POTUS run?


I’ve heard of him. Mentioned in some podcast I listened to about a year ago as being a bright young mayor.


Yet another Democrat POTUS candidate has come to my attention. This gentleman, from West Virginia, is a FIERCE critic of Trump, in addition to being a former paratrooper and a weightlifter.

Richard Ojeda is running for POTUS

More on Mr. Richard Ojeda from Politico


Should be a choice of multiple democratic socialists in the running. Here’s the latest:



Argyll, thanks. That is really excellent sleuthing on your part. I was unaware of Mr. Ojeda’s withdrawal. Best as I can tell it just happened.

Boy, Argyll, you are really on top of events!! Splendidly done.

I suppose eventually there will be a large number of withdrawals in the race, as there can be only one winner . . . two if you count the Veep.


Bernie has a HUGE fan base and is certain to be a factor in the race.

I wonder this time if some Democrats on the right, of their party, will try as in 2016 to make the argument that Bernie is not even a Democrat. It seems to me as if the Democrat party, as a whole, is moving in Bernie’s direction politically. He really does not need to change or move at all. They are coming to HIM!! :wink:


This Schultz thing appears to have many Democrats in a tizzy. And now Trump is even taunting Schultz. Good heavens!!

I continue to anticipate a Republican challenger to Trump. He is detested by between 10% and 15% of folks who call themselves “Republicans”. This includes some very prominent people

But I never saw coming a candidate who could drain away Democrat votes from that party’s eventual nominee. I’ve been taken completely by surprise. Should have. He’s a very rich fellow and well known. But I did not even realize at first who Howard Schultz is! I guess many Democrats have also been blindsided. They are upset.


Senator Cory Booker (NJ), a Democrat, announced officially earlier today that he is a POTUS candidate.


With Senator Warren melting down over her American Indian dilemma, Hillary remains VERY MUCH in the game:

Hillary 2020


I’ll be surprised if any of the currently announced Democrat candidates ends up being the nominee. It’ll be someone who’s been mentioned as a possible option, but they have no reason to actually put their name in the basket yet. Those announcing now are the longshots who just want to be able to add “ran for president” to their resumes.

If they would’ve just indulged Trump and worked to help (or created the facade of helping) him fulfill his campaign promises and agenda, I wouldnt have been surprised if Trump didnt even run for a second term. I thought from the day he announced his candidacy that Trump was the kind of person to accomplish what he wanted to accomplish (at least to the point of being able to claim it as an accomplishment), then get out on the high note. Say whatever you want about Trump himself, everyone’s reactions and responses to him, from the initial campaign to today, has been one of the biggest political blunders in the history of politics.


" Clinton appeared in a [pre-recorded video] that aired on Thursday for the 2019 MAKERS conference,"

Wouldn’t that be the 2019 “you didn’t maker that” conference? :wink:


Get to know Buttigieg better here:

A conversation with candidate Buttigieg


Mr. Tom Perez, DNC chair, has announced his debate plans for the party. There will be many debates, commencing mid year this year. It sounds to me like Perez is planning for a VERY fair and open process. This is from the AP:

DNC chair: Qualifications for first debates coming this week


Just for the sake of thread maintenance:

Bernie has thrown his hat into the ring. I think everyone must by now be aware of that. Bernie is a wonderfully vigorous fellow at 77 but, trust me, age catches up with us all and the the election is nearly two years away. It’s a pity Bernie was not on a level playing field four year ago.

And Kamala stuck her foot into her mouth over the marijuana thing, pissing off her own father and the entire island of Jamaica. Her dad actually went public with his criticism and disappointment. She is a very smart woman so we can hope she learned her lesson.


I hear Donald Fauntleroy Duck will be the nominee.


Hillary says she’s out.


Bloomberg, similar to Hillary, has announced he will NOT run.

There are still a great many candidates remaining in the race, with probably more to come.


A short Off Topic post:

I believe AOC will run for POTUS in 2024 and could win the Democrat Party nomination then.

Q: Shin, why post this now?

I might well not be around in 2022 or 2023, so am posting now while I can.:smile:

Q: Will she be 35 in time?

Just checked. Yes, she turns 35 in October of 2024. She qualifies.


At the very least, in 2024, she will garner the veep spot.


Can you only imagine what AOC would run on??

It wouldn’t take long for all of our hard earned money to be gone after those high taxes. FREE, FREE everything is free. Get in line!!

And by the way I can’t wait to see who the Dems put up against President Trump. The show down is going to be something no one will want to miss.


Beto is officially IN!! Younger, strong, candidate. NOT a fossil at all.

Race is heating up. Cannot wait for first debate! :grinning:


Biden’s lip slip during that First State get together pretty much tells us he is in. Verbal miscues are, of course, one of Biden’s many trademarks. And things are not getting better as he ages.

Biden will be seventy-eight years of age on January 20, 2021!!!