Air Fryer for Forty bucks with FS from BB

LOL I have the same embargo but wondering if the air fryer frenzy is not just basically the same as what you can do in your convection oven. At least that’s my reason for the embargo on air fryers in my house at the moment.

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My air fryer is used at least every other day. But I’m also one who’s had a deep fryer stationed on my kitchen counter virtually all my life, and the oven is the gadget that sits and draws dust (except for the 7 years I literally replaced the oven with a fryer)…


Opposite at my house. Even tonight I used my oven to quick bake tortillas. 450’, light spray tortilla, 5min flip, 5 min. So good with homemade soup.

“Different strokes for different folks.” :wink:

Yes, it is.


I agree with gremln. If you have a convection oven, it would probably make more sense just to get some grates for your baking sheets to get a similar result. I do not have a convection oven, but I held off on an air fryer as long as I could because I have a real fryer. But frying with oil has just become enough of a pain in the butt to use that I decided to jump on this deal and see if I could be happy enough with an air fryer that I can move on from the real fryer.


I sold ours at our last neighborhood garage sale. The weather was so lousy that I ended up selling it to a neighbor for almost nothing. She’s a nice lady and I’m a soft touch. :sunny:

And your arteries thank you. :grin: Your cardiologist … not so much. But, he’s counting on the stress of your new job.


I received my new fryer (from the OP) today. It’s noticably larger than my other one (which must be 4L size), so the extra space may allow my dozen chicken wings to spread out more and cook quicker. I’ll have to pay more attention this weekend.

Seems as quality as any small kitchen appliance these days - which is to say, there’s no reason to think it won’t last 5 years, but it may end up not lasting 5 weeks.

I don’t like the digital bling, the controls will take some getting used to. A temp dial and on/off switch is all I ever find necessary. I’m kind of surprised the prevalence of pre-set programs hasn’t killed more people - no two pieces of chicken are the same, a timer cannot account for that.

Thanks again for the post, shin!


I hope it works out for you. I’m using my own new air fryer, bought weeks before I posted the deal in the OP, nearly every day. It works great to bake cookies and, most importantly, avoids my having to fire up my legacy oven and wait until it comes up to temperature. It also does a fine job with French fries, which I prepare starting with an actual potato, and with onion rings. The latter I buy because making onion rings from scratch is more nuisance than I can tolerate.

Point is, I’m using the darn thing almost every day so I’ve no clue how long it will last. So far so good, though. And if it eventually turns turtle, at these prices, I’ll just buy another one.


Is this your secret to a long, profitable life? A cookie a day and fries/onion rings throughout the week! You should write a blog or make a cookbook. LOL!


My air fryer are use 3, 4 times a week.
My dad would roll over in his grave if he thought i was heating up the whole oven for 1/3 bag of fries. It is to small though.

On fb we were discussing if w friend should get n air fryer. I said i liked mine but wish i had the bigger one.

So she asked what size is yours ?

My reply. Kinda personal question but ive had no complaints. :joy::joy:


I’ve had complaints that mine is too big. Definitely bigger than OP’s.

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I’ve had mine for a few weeks now. So far only made popcorn chicken, fries, and heated up some leftovers. I’m happy with it. I haven’t found the exact time/temp sweet spot for perfect fries and such, but they are better than fries out of a conventional oven. Not better than fried fries, but it is nice not having to deal with the oil. My oil fryer is now packed away and this is in its place.


But how are you going to cook your crappie and walleye?

these were $20 AR not too long ago :frowning: