Alliant Credit Union

Alliant Credit Union

FYI all: My annual fee billed yesterday, 5/3, at $59. I will defer this big decision another year. :slight_smile:

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Countchure blessings.

It’s not the new fee that is wrankling me. I cannot afford not to pay that. Instead it is the Alliant bill payer service. I’ve about had it and I’m ready to switch to another bill payer service if only I knew of the one I need.

This morning I discovered I had had a senior moment and paid the wrong payee. You might reasonably classify that as payer error. But if Alliant had not forced me to divide up payments to that payee into three separate payments, perhaps I would not have made the mistake!

Alliant’s bill payer daily pay limits are two in number. They limit the per diem payment to a single payee. They also have an overall per diem pay limit across all payments for that day. Both limits are too strict, at least for me. I need more generous limits.

Problem is, Alliant bill pay has never let me down . . not one time. When I make a payment it arrives the next day at the payee’s place of business, just like clockwork!

So there is good and bad with the Alliant service. It’s a quandary.

Argyll I use Alliant bill pay to pay off my monthly CC bills. I have found the Alliant service to be 100% reliable. When I request a bill be paid, it is paid, with never a glitch or failure so far. And that I something upon which I heavily rely and very much appreciate.

My only problem with the Alliant bill pay service is the dollar limits, which for me are severely restrictive.

Let me analogize:

At Alliant the overnight ACH funds movements are equally reliable as bill pay. But the dollar limits, since they were reined in several years ago, can at times be problematic.

I finally found, at PurePoint, equally great ACH funds movement reliability without the dollar restrictions Alliant now imposes. Sure wish PurePoint would do for bill payments what they have done for ACH. But PurePoint does not even offer a bill pay service.:frowning_face:

How restrictive? I have paid bills over 4-5K with Alliant bill pay. But I certainly agree that the limits on ACH movement out is too low. I can’t understand…remember when we could transfer out $100K.

My best knowledge is $20K limit/payee/day and $30K overall limit (all payees)/day.

For sure. But you can do that and more right now at PurePoint.

I just noticed that Plastiq payments are no longer getting cashback on my Alliant Visa. It was nice to get some float on the money. Plastiq charges 2.5% and Alliant was giving 2.5% cashback. But, now with my last statement, they get nothing. I didn’t get any kind of notification, they just stopped giving cashback on those payments. They still show up as a purchases, not a cash advances, but no cashback is given on them. And, there isn’t anything on the statement that says they were excluded, but when I do the math, it’s exactly those payments that are missing from the total cashback.


What are you paying through Plastiq? Visa excludes mortgage payments.

Recently, Alliant has been more restrictive about cash equivalent and other types of service.

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I’ve been paying contractors for our house remodel. It was nice to use the credit card.

Don’t know don’t care

Anyone notice Alliant is not working today?

I have tried to make ACH transfers & the red light pops up. (you have gone over your limit) I called & there doesn’t seem to be anything they can do. (problems with the system) The rep said I could wire or write a check. (give me a break)

Time is marching on & right now I have 1 hour left before ACH closes for the day. This makes me so angry…:tired_face:

Your post is giving me just a bit of pause, pattyb53. I’m on ET (eastern time). I scheduled a large ACH transfer earlier today without difficulty or incident. Later received notice of the money having been dispatched, as per normal. Had no indication of trouble anywhere along the way.

When did I schedule the transfer? It was at roughly 3:30 am PT. Also at around that same time I had a very large chunk of $$$$ come into my Alliant account, via ACH. No problems. No drama. Business as usual.

Could it be the early bird gets the worm? :wink:

Yes, the earlier the better. But, I had to wait for small deposits to come through before I could send funds out. Alliant was shut down on ACH transfers or verification was not working. Finally after I reached a rep who could offer helpful reliable information, my transfers went through with only 10 minutes to spare before the cut-off time.

So I won’t actually see if funds are deposited until tomorrow.

At this hour . . . .

Alliant is holding steady our savings rate at 2.1% APY

Q: What’s with the “at this hour” thing?

It is June first and, where I live, the sun is up and shining visibly. Nevertheless, out in Chicago it can take Alliant a little while sometimes to update the interest rates members see when they log into their accounts. This has happened to me in the past.

Also, some other financial institutions are lowering rates slightly, so if Alliant is holding us steady that is a good and welcome outcome.

Emphasis there is on the word “if”. So far so good.

Did anyone else notice that bill payments setup for payment on 6/1 have not gone out yet? I feel like this has happened once before to me in the past few months. It isn’t an issue for me but it is odd.

6/1 is a Saturday. Nothing processes on Saturdays. Payments for 6/1 and 6/2 should be sent tonight, to be received tomorrow (assuming electronic deliver).


Thanks. I hadn’t noticed that or thought about it since this was a recurring payment. I am used to the site correcting the date when you try to do so. I guess it can’t do that on a recurring which makes sense. Not a big deal in this case.

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Alliant appears to have held steady their savings rate heading into July. In our ongoing declining rates environment, this is a welcome outcome.

Conceded Alliant’s savings rate is far from the best. But with others lowering rates, Alliant’s rate is today a tad bit better by comparison.

Unrelated to the above, but still related to Alliant:

Alliant’s Visa Signature card statements will close this month on Sunday, July fourteenth.

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Apparently Alliant is now testing contactless EMV with their debit cards. I received an invitation to try it out tonight.

Presumably anyone can sign up here:

is there some benefit to this?

Yes, especially if you’re a germaphobe.