AmEx Blue Cash Preferred categories changes

You came back to delete this after 3 months?

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You don’t know Argyll, do you?

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I’m familiar with the frequent deletions, but not after such a long time.

BTW, sometimes BCP seems to get better Amex Offers than BCE, including offers intended for business cards.

I just looked at the edit history of your last deleted post. Why did you feel like you need to delete it?

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Wrong category. I put it in the Amex Offers thread.


Any data points on an upgrade offer after previously downgrading? I’ve stopped using my BCP in preparation for downgrading or cancelling when the annual fee hits. I was planning to cancel in hopes of getting the signup bonus again in seven years, but if there’s a chance of an upgrade offer in the future I may downgrade instead.

I thought the sign-up bonus is once per lifetime.

There are a few reports out there that it may actually be seven years:

If you downgrade, typically after 18-24 months ( min of 12 months ), you will receive an upgrade offer of $150 to go back to BCP. That is my experience.


Thanks for that info, sounds like a good option for me.

My upgrade bonus was $250, so the amount can change.

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