Anti-woke investing opportunities

The McKinsey study started by affirming as universally-known truth that diversity matters. Hence why it was not very surprising that it circled back to having data confirming that unsubstantiated claim. Very likely a healthy dose of confirmation bias in selecting data and how to calculate the diversity index. Although, to be fair, it also looks like very sparse in terms of substantiated statistical methodology/data sets.

But it seems to me that the main difference between these two approaches is down to how they calculate the diversity index of the S&P 500 companies. So I’d be curious to see how that difference plays out on the exact same data set.

Still the point about direction of causality is interesting. I’m not sure why McKinsey study looked at the composition of the boards on a given year and looked at performance in 4-5 preceding years. Were the leadership of all these companies the same over these years? That seems rather unlikely to be the case for all companies. Instead, why not integrate the annual performance over time as a function of diversity index within each company, something Green and Hand also failed to do? Another way to go about it - although still crude - could be to recalculate the diversity indices of all companies for each year of the performance period evaluated and take an average of each company’s 4-5 indices.

Either way, very good to point out that the correlation is likely questionable - or very dependent on diversity index - and that direction of causality is also suspect.

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making DJT great again. A billion here, a billion there, pretty soon you can afford the legal bills to run as a Republican.

I’m sure the various weird press releases out of the trump media company blaming “naked shorts” and talking up the stock has absolutely nothing to do with making sure the price stays above the threshold until tomorrow’s close.

Pretty smart. They’d be foolish to deny that DJT is a meme stock so they understand that media manipulation is crucial to keeping the price of the stock up - at least for now.

If it were only down to fundamentals, even accounting for difficult valuation, price would drop to a 10th (or under) of the current price and they’d miss out on the earnout shares promised in the merger.

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