Any reason to pay prop tax bill with 2% cash back CC when there is a 2.5% convenience fee?

Sorry NLA

One could also use the BoA Unlimited Cash Rewards which is 1.5% cashback (2.625% for Platinum Honors) on everything with no limit and no annual fee. And pair it with a BoA Customized Cash Rewards 3% (5.25% for Platinum Honors) in one category of your choice (mine vary between online purchases and travel) and 2% (3.5% on groceries and wholesale clubs), also without annual fee.

Only potential issue with Merrill Edge IMO is their selection of mutual funds and ETFs. It’s not bad at all but it’s more limited than Fidelity. Otherwise if you have $100k of IRA money elsewhere, it’s worth checking into it.

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I just paid property tax with a bunch of gift cards purchased at cost from the office stores in recent deals, purchase on a 5X Chase Ink. It is an easy way to dump $200 cards without split payment or money order hassles.

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^ That’s a great option for those who can use it. Some counties I’ve dealt with do not accept partial payments online.