Anybody have the AAA FREE Battery Replacement benefit?

I have an Autel that does SRS, ABS, steering angle reset, DSG clutch basic setting, etc. Haven’t checked but pretty sure it can do that too.

I’m not going to say you can’t do it with some manufacturers. I am saying you can’t do it on a Volvo.

Not even with my knockoff DICE?

Yes, you need a DICE and VIDA. That is what I was referencing as the proprietary device and software that AAA and most mechanics don’t have. Didn’t feel it was necessary to get that inside baseball in this thread lol.

I was going to point to this, as my calls have never tested bad. But in your special case with many vehicles and dead batteries should be easy.

It also depends on which battery they give you. Some are cheap and low performance/life, others more. If latter than maybe worth it.

I got AAA just for a single tow that would have cost more than plus membership. But now thinking of downgrading to regular as long as cars remain old. I see no other benefit.

Even for battery, as long as battery is good but drained the portable jump starter (amazed how small tiny they have gotten) does my job perfectly so keeping one in each car (good ones cost < $35-40). So done need AAA

I have half a dozen bad batteries in the basement I could use.

To extend the your battery life, check the water level in the battery when you check your oil (AT LEAST 2x / month). No smoking, wear safety glasses, use distilled water, and don’t over-fill.

You can add distilled water to maintenance free batteries, too.