Bank merger causing unused checking account to accrue fees

I’ve had a checking account at Broadway Federal Bank for over 10 years but have only had a penny balance for the last five years after their interest rates tanked. They were bought out by City First Bank a few months ago and have been sending me an overdraft notice every few days as they charge a $5 fee every day or so the account balance is below a minimum amount. It’s at -$200 currently. Why don’t they just consider it an abandoned account instead of spending $4 or $5 a week in mailing me notices? How long will they keep doing this?

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How long will they keep doing this? How about, how long will you keep ignoring this? If you keep ignoring it, there’s a somewhat decent chance it’ll eventually be reported to ChexSys and the account turned over to collections.

You need to call and close the account if you dont want to pay the fees. And when you finally decide to deal with this, you will be at their mercy as to how much it’s going to cost you. Considering the time and amount involved, it may be best to tell a little white lie, and claim you had talked to someone and they were supposed to close the account months ago. Either way, they still may require you bring the account current before closing it.


“But I just got back from my winter home in Florida.” I was never charged any fees while the account was with Broadway. Now sure how they can charge me fees now. I’ll call and see what they say, but why should I have to spend time on the phone for this when they could just close the account.

Because when they merged, they sent you new disclosures with the new account terms. And you obviously didnt reject the changes, which would’ve required closing the account.


Just got off the phone with them and submitted a request to close the account. Will see how that pans out.

THey believe that you owe them money.

When someone owes you money do you just “close the account” ?

It may be their error in the bank merger or maybe you also didn’t read the mail they sent X months ago to you with change of terms that said you’d be paying a fee?


Greetings Mr. Kovi:

All fees accessed to your account relationship has been reversed and the account is now closed.

Should you need anything more, please contact using the contact information noted below.


Latorya Mitchell

Online Banking Specialist

City First Bank



Yikes! This is why they should continue to teach spelling and grammar in schools. Software is nowhere near capable enough to read someone’s mind. :slight_smile:

He got his money worth. She spent 1 penny worth of effort writing that mail.