Banks/CUs Allowing ACH Pulls?

Alliant was my go to for many things, including ACH pulls and served as my main financial hub. They devalued heir 2% rewards CC which cost me $100 and they are dead to me. I didn’t realize I had to manually check and cash out my points super regularly with a credit union like Alliant, but now Alliant has taught me my lesson.

Their interest rates are not competitive anymore and this CC change is worth me quitting over.

I’m planning to close all of my Alliant Accounts. But the main think I’m not sure if I have, is a way to do ACH pulls using any of my other 7 banks/CUs/

For personal security, I won’t lost all my account locations, but the few I took the effort to log into, doesn’t appear to allow ACH pulls.

I think this might be a rare feature. And perhaps Alliant is one of the few that offer it?

Also, why do I need this feature? I know I’ve used it on a handful of occasions but I’m not sure I can articulate why I need to do it?

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Synchrony Bank is good and allows you link to up ten accounts…

But, I see no advantage over Alliant. The interest rate on the account is just a squeak higher and other account services are not even close to Alliants.

You’re talking about pulling money from another bank? All banks I’ve ever used allow this. A few have low limits on the number of external accounts (CapOne360 only allows 3), and some have low (Chase) or ridiculously low (Citibank) daily/monthly ACH transaction limits. Some (one?) charge a fee ($3 at BofA?).

I use Discover. No fees, decent rate on savings, don’t know what the external account limit is, if any, and the ACH daily/monthly limits are somewhere in the 6 figures. Also instant transfers with Zelle between my own accounts is useful, though limits are low (I think this may be account specific and starts at $600/day outgoing from Discover, but can go up with time or use or I dunno).


Yes, I’ve never had a financial institution, including some small local banks and CUs, that could not do ACH pulls.

As for Discover, I currently have 6 external accounts, but think I’ve had close to ten. My only complaint with Discover is they seem to be less than speedy with pulls and pushes. Maybe there just haven’t been enough repeat transfers to garner their trust.