Best Nationally Available High APY Liquid Accounts

All America Bank MM was 2.25% now 2.50%
Redneck Bank MM was 2.25% now 2.50%
Lending Club Savings was 2.15% now 2.25%
Brio Direct Savings was 2.15% now 2.61%


Even though I had closed all of my accounts, my online banking info allowed me to log in and open this savings account. The linked checking account was no longer open, so I funded using my Discover checking account info and will need to send in a check for $1 before I can ACH $ in. As the post on notes, DSD does not permit ACH pulls from outside banks.


Do they permit ACH pushes from outside banks? Or does ACH link fail because pulls are prohibited?

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Marcus: Savings 2.15%, NPCD 2.20%


Yes, ACH pushes are expressly permitted. I do not know what happens if your outside account tries to recover trial deposits. I am guessing that the pull would likely fail and the outside bank may be displeased? There are banks that do not pull the trial deposits back and/or those you could link without trial deposits via Plaid. (In addition, separately a second checking account may be linked via DSD after 60(?) days and you would need to send in a cancelled check from that checking account.)


CIT Bank Savings Connect was 2.10% now 2.40%
Sallie Mae MM was 2.05% now 2.25%
CIT Bank MM was 1.40% now 1.55%
CIT Bank Savings Builder was 0.85% now 1.00%


Bask Bank up today 2.50% to 2.75%


wow wonder who’ll be the 1st to 3.X% next?

You mean who’ll be the 2nd to 3.X%? :smile:

If you open a Marcus Saving’s account using someone’s referral link you’ll both get an extra 1% (bringing APY to 3.15%) for 3 months.

I’m not sharing my own referral code because I assume that’s frowned upon here and I’m guessing the bonus wouldn’t stack on top of the extra 1% I already have (I just opened an account using my friend’s referral link).


Cant know until you try…

And we have the answer:

Merchant’s Bank MM was 2.28% now 3.05%


CFG Bank MM was 2.55% now 2.75%
Tab Bank Savings was 2.16% now 2.66%
Ally Bank Savings was 2.00% now 2.10%


Colorado Savings Bank Savings was 2.00% now 2.15%
Wealthfront Savings was 2.00% now 2.55%


Robinhood “Gold” is 3% now. Not sure what it requires to be gold. Main advantage I can see is that they split the accounts across multiple banks, so FDIC insurance is on up to 1.5M.


Looks like $5 monthly fee.


Elements has something of an odd one that I think I will do: a 3.25% promo for one year for Helium Savings

Promo Helium Savings (Promo Helium) is a Helium Savings account with a promotional 3.25% fixed Annual Percentage Yield (APY) on balances of $2,500.00 and above for the first 12 months from the account opening date.

Odd that it is a promo and just one year when rates are expected to go nowhere but up for months. And has to be new money and is only for $2,500+. But should work for my purposes.

I closed my Helium account after the last promo many more than the 90 days mentioned in the rules so I think I am good.

On the first day of the month following the account opening anniversary month, the Promo Helium APY will automatically convert to the then current non-promotional Helium Savings account APY which is variable and may change at any time without notice.

Does this mean I should wait until October (next week) to get another month out of it or just go for it and assume this will be closed well before that because rates will be around 4% by then?

Not sure if others will find this one interesting as it doesn’t seem like the rate will change as rates increase in the future but I am already a Elements member so I think it is worth it to rate chase this time. Can I rationalize this latest rate chasing and still call myself a recovering rate chaser? :slight_smile:


Quontic Bank Savings was 2.05% now 2.15%
SFGI Direct Savings was 2.01% now 2.21%
Popular Direct Savings was 1.90% now 2.25%


UFB Direct up to old tricks…new accounts, higher rate

Elite Money Market - 2.85%
Elite Savings - 2.85%


Today’s Increases

Brilliant Bank MM was 2.61% now 2.80%
Rising Bank Savings was 2.35% now 2.50%
Vio Bank MM was 2.30% now 2.50%
Lending Club Savings was 2.25% now 2.65%
Synchrony Bank Savings was 2.15% now 2.25%
Capital One Savings was 2.00% now 2.15%
Discover AAII Savings was 2.05% now 2.15%
Discover Savings was 2.00% now 2.10%
Betterment Cash Reserve was 2.00% now 2.25%
Northern Bank Direct MM was 2.00% now 2.75%
First Internet Bank Savings was 1.92% now 2.12%
Smarty Pig Savings was 1.90% now 2.15%
FNBO Direct was 1.65% now 1.90%