Capital one spark for biz with 500.00 bonus

is this card still good for MS? I was closed down about 3 years ago with the same bonus offer. Got the 500 plus loads of MS. Took about 1 year to close my acct. There T&C make no mention of buying "cash equivalents. Worth a hard pull for 500 bonus plus will buy via GCM? Ant DP on this? I actually have a part time biz and a NYState biz sole proprietorship license which is actually BS. But Chase wanted to see it when I opened my biz checking for another 500.00 bonus 2 years ago.

CapOne pulls 3 CRAs and that’s a big issue for me.

They keep sending me offers for Spark and Venture card after closing my ancient INGdirect converted to CapOne checking a year ago. One thing I’ve noticed soon as they closed my c/a and I called regarding my balance, the rep was so rude compared to their tone when my account was open. Not long after they also closed my sock drawered QS acct and that was a shutdown that didn’t hurt since I’ve used it ocassionally to fund the buxx cards but when buxx cards were all shutdown, I had no need for it and was rarely used.

I don’t know if they’re vindictive so I don’t bother to apply even if with pre approved offers. I don’t want 3 HPs only to find out they’ll close the account when I try to activate it. This happened to a friend recently so I’d rather leave them alone.


As Ma_Barker said, Capital One makes a hard inquiry on all 3 bureaus, not just one. To me a $500 bonus is not worth 3 inquiries and they actually are very strict on applications. Nothing worse than getting 3 inquiries and a denial and having nothing to show for it. Up to you if it’s worth it though.

Do you have a Wells Fargo branch near your location? They are offering an in-branch $500 cash bonus for their Bus Platinum card after $5k in purchases and they also offer 0% on purch for 9 mo but my branch did also require a business license for my approval. They, however only require one hard pull.

they also close your acct if you are buying gift cards via Simon Malls. And deny the bonus. very cheap outfit. I lost 300.00 in bonuses. No letter even. just cant sign on…states acct closed. There is a phone # they give you… might call in a few days and ill report. They actually have a human looking at purchases? or an algorithm?

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Much appreciate this data. Will take strongly into consideration going forward. Have no cards currently with Capital One. Perhaps this is just as well.:wink:

Have my Spark Biz card for over a year now. Don’t remember or care if they did any pulls but enjoy the $50 or $100 cash back every month, long after getting the bonus.

Not much of an issue if the other 2 bureaus barely have any pulls.