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Cc funding of $1000 max when opening over phone and then $500 per day, but citi cash plus went as a cash advance . I have my citi cash adv lmt at 0 so declined, but does anyone know of a cc that will code as a purchase from nfcu?

In all my experience wanting and trying to do what you point to, NFCU was my sole failure. They are absolute STICKLERS for that sort of thing. I could not beat them. NFCU is extremely tough. I gave up.

Weiss Research has finally released their CU ratings based on Q2 data.

Noteworthy development:

Garden Savings continues to be rated at “D+”

You can check your own credit unions here:

Link to Weiss

This is the final input we will have for Q2. Focus will now shift to Q3, today being the last day thereof. I expect new ratings based on Q3 data to become available some time around Thanksgiving.

Noted in passing:

Only a single CU on my Weiss watchlist was awarded a rating upgrade based on Q2 data. That institution:

GTE Financial

Frankly I anticipated nothing of the sort . . . and I was wrong.

Weiss raised GTE from a rating of “C” to “C+”. I’m aware a number of participants here are counting on GTE to be there for them going forward. Am pleased to report and highlight this good news.

The future? Nobody knows. All we can do is keep watch quarter to quarter. But up is better than down. All my other watchlist entries experienced no rating change either way.


Thanks for sharing. I’m one of those hoping to keep that GTE addon available until my Penfed 5% CDs mature in January so this is indeed good news as otherwise my options for getting 3.3% returns are quite bleak.

I’m more worried about how much I should be willing to add to it?

Multiple beneficiaries add multiples of insurance coverage, but I’m not sure if I dare ask them about adding another now…

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Great point.

I’m fortunately not going to have to cross that bridge just yet. I’ve only got just over $100k in Penfed CDs maturing so I should still be well under the $250k insurance limit for. Even with interest, I should remain under $250k until maturity unless I start adding more funds to it. If/when that happens, I’ll probably have to add a beneficiary.

I’m hoping rates will have recovered by then. It is hard to imagine currently but they were north of 4% just 2 years ago so you never know.

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My funds are just trickling in right now, the real decision I have wont come due until later next year. But for now, I’m looking to (essentially) dollar cost average - assuming the higher rate earned now will offset any below-market rate at the back end of the CD term.

Do you have any problem logging to GTE online? I did change the password, but still not able to log in. Also, the chat page is not working. i am trying to reach them on the phone …

Shandril, wishful thing on your part re: rates. probably will stay low for next 24 months. Just do bank bonuses and look out for Ally and CIBC and CIT to start some bonuses again. They have in the past like very 6 months or so.

No problem here. But it’s 4 hours later (10:30 EST), so technical issues may have been resolved.