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When you call the bank, you are risking them killing deals for you and for everyone else. This is why sometimes people just don’t share deals.

You could have started an application for the 5.33% money market account and see if it allowed you to fund with a credit card or not.

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Because sometimes they don’t even know what their systems are set up to allow.


Thanks for the info.

The writer’s general rule: “If I’m skirting the rules, there is no point in calling the bank as all I’m doing is alerting the financial institution to that fact.”

I’m not skirting the rules, and the writer says this is about “people commenting saying that they have called to confirm that a work around they’ve been using has worked or not.” This is something I don’t do.

Credit card funding of accounts fit into the category of “loophole”. These days, there’s a decent chance the bank staff hasnt thought about it since it was set up decades ago, and pointing it out only alerts them it’s still available. Always presume credit card account funding is a mistake that the bank will “fix” if reminded.


Ok. I had never done credit card funding until I joined Advancial with $5 last week.

Another reason we don’t call the bank is sometimes they are just wrong:

According to this comment, CC funding is still active on the applications, including a 5% Savings and 5% money market account. Let’s not call the bank and tell them, please.


Thanks for the info. $1500 is $30 on a 2% rewards card.

CD bonuses surpass such rewards.

In the past two years I’ve received two $50 bonuses from NFCU for opening CDs. They were add-on CDs with $50 minimum opening deposit.

I also received a $100 bonus for an Alliant CD.

On another note, calling has worked exceedingly well for me, receiving many other bonuses as well as most recently being informed of the the best time to do a balance transfer so it would give me the longest period (almost 13 months) at 0% with the first payment not due for almost two months.

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That’s cool! I guess I was asleep at the wheel as I am a member of both of those CU’s but was unaware of the offers.

And now Advancial rates have crashed to 4.18% for the 5 year jumbo. Glad I did decide to put in another small tranche a couple weeks ago at 5%.

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Reviewing short term credit union CDs:

Alliant CU 12 months 5.15%
Delta CU 12 months 5.15%
NWFCU 12 months 5.00%

SFFCU 10 months 5.00% ($250 min.)
First Tech 13 months 5.00% ($500 min.)

LMCU 6 months 5.05% ($500 min.)
Alliant CU 6 months 5.00% ($1K)

[NFCU 12 months 4.80% --changed 4-8-24]


NFCU 12mo CD has dropped to 4.80% (<100K) and 4.85% (100K+)

Freedom CU 12mo CD still at 5.37% & 18mo CD at 5.11%

NASA FCU 9mo CD still at 5.40% & 15mo CD at 5.25%


Thanks for the correction.

NASA looks like the best deal but I’m not a member.

My Primis savings account is still at 5.16%.

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The BluPeak 9 mo is still at 5.25%,


I am pretty sure anyone can join NASA cu.


The BluPeak CC gravy train is over. My new card came in the mail too late. :smiley:

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