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Has anyone used this app to pay for their monthly cell phone bill? Here’s the latest email from them:

Subject: New CellNUVO App Makes All Cell Phone Bills Free

Exciting update:

CellNUVO customers have saved a fortune with their free cell service, and now with the new CellNUVO app, it is even easier for anyone in the United States, on any network, on any plan to get free cell service.

CellNUVO customers who choose to keep their own mobile service (Verizon, AT&T, T-Mobile or Sprint) can now use a new feature of the CellNUVO App to pay their monthly cell phone bills. This payment service was developed to accommodate CellNUVO users who want to keep their current mobile service and utilize the CellNUVO app to pay their monthly bill, giving every carrier’s customer a seamless way to get their cell phone bill paid for them. Using CellNUVO exclusively will also allow cell, text and data service to be completely free.

“CellNUVO is a breakthrough in wireless communication service because it allows individuals to keep their existing carrier and keep their existing plan, but not have to come out of pocket to pay their cell bill every month – they get it for free. Users can simply use the CellNUVO app to earn virtual currency that can then be used to pay the monthly bill their carrier sends them,” said co-founder Tom Mannix. “People are very excited to be able to use this new feature to pay their bill, and it is saving our members a fortune every single month. Our system is really redefining how people can keep more money in their pocket.”

“The best and most easily understood comparison of the CellNUVO process is to network television programming. CBS allows anyone with a TV to enjoy free entertainment as long as they view the commercials, unlike network TV however, CellNUVO never interrupts a user, rather the user chooses when to interact with the app to earn currency. CellNUVO allows their app users to earn more than enough In-App currency to pay their cell phone bill through the viewing of sponsors messages and ads, providing interactive opinions, or taking quick surveys,” said Mannix. “We believe we have created the most powerful interactive technological breakthrough which allows our customers to save thousands of dollars each year through the use of their most vital modern communication device – the smartphone.”

Anyone in the United States can download the CellNUVO app at the google play store, and try it for free.

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