Chase Offers available for Business Cards

Just got an email from Chase regarding my Ink account, subject line “Introducing Chase Offers”. Initial offers are for Samsung, HP, FedEx Office, BJ’s, Microsoft, HotelTonight, Airbnb, Enterprise, ADT, and Dropbox. Obviously some tremendous value for those offers which stack with the office supply category.

No offers for my Marriott business card.


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I don’t see an office supply one on my ink, but there is a samsung 20% up to $94 valid through 12/10. Could be useful combining on an unlocked phone purchase (I don’t currently need one, though). Too bad Samsung’s not a telecom, so no additional 5x UR like buying from carrier

I’m pretty sure some (most?) Offers are targeted – you had to have used the card at that business to get an offer. I only get airbnb offers on CSR, which is the only card I’ve used on airbnb. I only get drugstore offers on the cards I’ve used at drugstores.