Choosing A Broker For Custodial Accounts: My Search For A Good Deal

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I wanted to add some extra information to Tesla’s original post having looked through the discussion and realized a lot of you are looking for custodial accounts without brokerage, subscription fees, or minimum account balances. You guys also mentioned interest in fractional investing so you can start without having to buy a whole Apple or Amazon share for example and simple low cost ETFs that you could hold for the long term with regular monthly purchases. You also mentioned Robinhood that does not offer custodial accounts.

Now, in case you are interested, Loved Investing seems to tick all the boxes you mentioned throughout this post, so without wanting to self-promote as founder of the company, if anyone is interested in commission and subscription free fractional investing with SIPC insurance to $500k, I’d suggest you checkout

If you have any questions or features you may want, please let me know.

Obvious SPAM. Second time posting this, word for word.

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Sorry if that has come across as spam, that was not the intention. I wanted to share a new option for custodial investing that is completely free of commissions and trade costs - something that has been sought after in this thread. I am here to help with any questions anyone has on any topic as I have studied the options in the market comprehensively.

My dad and I invested together from a really young age and I truly believe in the positive impact in can have towards a child’s future financial independence. It helped inspire me for the future while building a financial education. Most parents can’t or don’t do this, so with Loved we’re hoping to create this important change while offering free custodial investing where you can start with just $5.

Not wanting to spam, just trying to be useful to those linking for commission free custodial investing.

I’ve reported your posts in this and in the other topic as spam. You joined this forum, immediately posted to 2 topics, advertised your website…that appears like SPAM to me. You didn’t notice that this topic has had no replies for a year? I’d say the OP was helped long ago.

Again that wasn’t my intention. I thought the content was relevant and appropriate. All the best.

Here is a link to the terms of service:

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Yes I understand this and wholeheartedly feel I have done nothing wrong here. Perhaps if you read the thread you would gain my perspective. All the best.

Spam definition.

And get rid of that blue on your website. It’s ugly on white, next to those shades of red, or as a background with white text on it.

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Original post is in my first reply, in case anyone is curious as to the amount of editing that’s been done. IMO, still spam, especially with the above phrase. Reported. Again.

Funny, I actually saw Loved promoted elsewhere and was going to mention them in this thread.

David since you’re here:

  • Seems like the documentation on this service buries the lede on fees — $12/yr balances under $5000, 0.25% of balance otherwise — . How does this compare with others? (for example it appears Vanguard UGMA accounts are $20/yr under $10k, $0 otherwise).

  • Do you really charge a $0 fee for transfer in/transfer out? Do you support ACH, check, wire?

  • Have you talked with Alex & Shobin at Lively? They have done something similar with “take a particular kind of investment account that normally carries fees because it’s weird, and make it more affordable and easier to set up”, I wonder what you could learn from their UX.

  • What would your company do in the situation where a minor believes a parent is investing against their interests – like in the example,, of a parent investing one child’s inheritance in SPY and the other black-sheep child’s inheritance in SHLD? Are you prepared to handle the kinds of conflict that can happen with these accounts?

Thanks for sharing your product, hope things go well.

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I feel that other forum members should know that dwh2427 is now hassling me via PM. Your PM was not welcome.

(I must say that this is a first in the all the time I’ve been a member of this forum, since it’s inception.)

Is there a way to block specific users from being able to contact us via PM? Under Preferences - Messages - I have the box checked to allow messages from users. Then there is a field under Users that says, “Suppress all notifications from these users.” If I add a user’s name to that field, will that prevent that user from being able to PM me? Thanks.

Interesting! I have never heard of I’ll have to do some research on that company. Thanks.

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Hi, my name Peggy. What is problem please?

Oh good find. The question just above it says it’s “completely free!”

Yes, after I read their FAQ entry “How does Loved make money?” I was also under the impression that (like Robinhood) they do not charge any fees on assets under management. I had to keep reading to find the $12 or 0.25% fee.

Hi mherdeg, thanks for your post!

Loved is 100% free investing, no trade costs, brokerage or subscription charges.
There was a mistake in the help pages which has now been fixed. We decided to offer free investing because subscription and trade costs can add up quickly, particularly when someone may only invest $50 on a child’s birthday.

ACH transfers in/out are 100% free While wire and cheque transfers are possible they come at a charge, so we always recommend free and fast ACH transfers

Great question: As a registered investment advisor, we ensure our clients maintain diversification and we offer a curated selection of stocks, ETFs and low cost funds** that are in the interests of kids future. We have a fiduciary duty to do this unlike Robinhood, Schwab or E-trade which are pure brokerages letting you invest in penny stocks or whatever you’d like - not something that we want to offer.

  • Thanks for letting me know about Lively, I may just get in touch as they seem to be doing great with their $2.50/mth HSA service!

Happy to take more questions! And hope this is an interesting product for you all.

Hey Argyll

M1 Finance. No fees. No trading fees.

From M1’s website: At this time, M1 does not support custodial accounts. We do plan on supporting custodial accounts in mid-2019.


Your ADV lists fees for AUM, and a wrap fee guide, in addition to “flat fees.”

Your ADV lists fees for AUM, and a wrap fee guide, in addition to “flat fees.”

Soon to be updated :slight_smile:

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I truly do wish you luck. It’s probably going to be difficult to break into the space and convince people you’re legitimate. I do think you need to ensure you don’t even appear to be doing anything questionable, especially now with lots of major players consistently decreasing fees and lots of new players trying to enter the space.