Cord cutting devices: Android TV, Chromecast, Roku, etc

Pretty solid way to stream live channels.

No idea how it exists, but the free version allows you 5 channels.

Have you been using pear? Any opinions?

I’m using the free version on my roku to stream MSNBC. I think it is good enough to cancel my direct TV now.

I really only want MSNBC CNN and fox news so for me the 5 channel free plan is perfect.

Channels stream in hd. Setup was easy through Plex.

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I’m using the M3U Player on Roku to watch playlists which you can find on Pastebin, and also undocumented channels like the aforementioned Pear and legal channels through paid accounts, which stream great.

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Awesome tip about m3U @calwatch.

The saddest part of this all is I have paid for DirecTV Now for the past few months and I don’t even use it because the interface is such garbage and the streams suck.

BIg Tivo Roamio fan here. The feature that isn’t advertised is its tuners’ sensitivity - I have been able to get by on a Channel Master flat antenna - picks up dozens of channels. I don’t recall such good performance from my other devices.