Fidelity Cash Management Account

I just selected FZDXX as the sweep in my HSA a few days ago.

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If I have a Fidelity Cash Management Account along w/ other Fidelity accounts (e.g., a brokerage account, retirement accounts, HSA, etc) and turn off the Cash Management Account’s overdraft protection, can a fraudster that gains access to the Cash Management Account (e.g., steals the debit card, takes over my PayPal/Venmo accounts that are linked to the Cash Management Account, knows the ACH routing & account numbers etc) still drain my other Fidelity Accounts? Or will the fraudster be isolated to only the Cash Management Account?

Per this Bogleheads forum post it looks like I’ll be protected and any fraud will be “isolated” to just the Cash Management Account. I would like to get confirmation from others since maybe the poster is/was wrong, there are new attack vectors since 2019, etc.

PS - I’m using the terms “fraudster”/“fraud” loosely here. I’d want protection even in more innocent situations like a utility company withdrawing a large amount due to a billing error.

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