Florida homeowners policy rates

Been with a company called Gulfstream for over 5 years and haven’t had a claim in over ten. 1700 sf 2 br house in a gated community a few miles from the west coast. Last year I paid $3200, and this year its going to $4200, plus my agent said they will be cancelling my (and all Florida policies) in a few months. Found this company https://www.kin.com/ online and they are quoting $2400. Does anyone here have them? Their reviews seem good but who knows how real those are.

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Is that just fire? Is the reconstruction cost correct? Sounds very high to me (but I’m in CA and don’t know how rates vary).

It’s everything but flood.

Averagre in FL is $3600, 3rd highest state in the US

CA is cheap, only averages $1200

Of course after that YMMV depending on the house, neighborhood, etc.
Variation between states is mostly based on rate of natural disasters plus state level rules.

I’d assume that hurricanes are the #1 reason FL is high.

My insurance on a $700k house in Oregon is under $800.


Never heard of them. Have you tried to find a new independent broker? We are with American Integrity Insurance and our rate has been pretty stable. However, we are in the Florida panhandle and 45 minutes away from the Gulf.


Lots of good words in there. “American”, “Integrity”. Reminds me of this, just a little bit (start at 6:35) :smile:

go to State of Florida Insurance Commissioner. If you dont live in Florida you dont know what we are going thru—I am thinking forced placed by the bank may be the way to go because they cant cancel you. So very few companies are writing. Some require new roofs. The fraud during Hurricane Irma and the less than honest contractors caused this mess. Go to a broker not an agency and not a named company

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The politicians bear some of the responsibility for this. They have been trying to keep insurance premiums down–but not controlling the fraud and there’s nothing they can do about the hurricane damage. The insurance companies have been pushed too far and are throwing in the towel.

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Why doesn’t the state just take over and sell the insurance, because eventually real estate will grind to a crawl.

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Next thing you know, the taxpayer is on the hook for the fraudulent claims. No need to look further than federal flood insurance to see how this turns out.


My agent found a policy for $3,600 with a 5% hurricane deductible and actual cash value for contents.

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That sounds pretty darn good, considering your initial post. Although you mentioned the size, you did not mention the value of the home. That is how most h-o insurance policies are written.