Forex considerations thread

We are in Argentina now. Just got back from La Azul in the Uco Valley. I kid you not - $25 a head for a 5 course meal with wine pairings where they leave the bottle on the table for you to take as much as you want with each course. I got a ribeye while my wife went for the pork. A meal like this would have easily been $250+ from where we are from. The bottles of wine, which would easily go for $40-$50 in the US, are $5-$10 here.

The cambio guys near the McD in Mendoza have treated me well too - 270 pesos today per dollar.

I know some Spanish from 20 years ago in school but holy cow I’ll learn more of it to cash in on this. You live like a king here for next to nothing.


I wish I had known you were going. I could’ve sold you my pesos that I bought at 220 - $1 just two months ago.

Spend them all on wine and come back broke.

Argentina is an extreme case but all of South America is cheap right now.


Pound Sterling got crushed these past 3 days. Getting closer and closer to parity with the mighty dollar.

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decent discussion of currency and relative (de)valuation impacts across the economy.

Deliberate devaluation of the currency is not something new. Those who issue the coin have been stealing from their people since the dawn of man.

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