GC points redemption deals?

Trying to cash out points on my AMEX, Disc etc. Does some blogger/site maintain a redemption “deals” list.

Seems like most of us FWF type are good @ earning side but redemption …

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Best redemption is generally on transferring to travel partners and spending on premium travel. Transferring to partners to spend on normal travel is generally a good redemption method as well, but it’s slowly getting worse.

Using TYP and UR as cash discounts on flights are not bad.

Other than that, you’re really only looking at max 1c/p.


I’m not aware of any such list. In general, the availability of “bonus” value when redeeming cash rewards for GCs has been steadily decreasing. Discover has a consistent selection, but I haven’t seen such offers from Chase or Amex in years. I used to save up for when they would pop up (they were commonly posted on FWF), but now I tend to just cash out my Amex cash rewards. Chase UR points get transferred to my spouse’s CSR account.

The good GC redemptions (better than 1 cpp) are usually for hotels, and they sort of come and go. And almost never one of the big 3 issuers :frowning:

Lets keep the thread alive in case anything comes up.

Anyone have examples of the deals you can find with Discover? I have a ton of Discover CB and have looked a few times but have never seen a really compelling use for it (other than statement credits or a check).

For the regular It card (not It Miles), every GC redemption option gives you at least 1.07 cpp, some up to 1.25 cpp. Worst value is Whole Foods, $75 GC for $70 rewards. Best value is a number of options at $25 for $20, including Gap/Old Navy, Bed Bath & Beyond, Lands End, and others.


Doesn’t Chase UR still off[quote=“doveroftke, post:8, topic:3309”]
For the regular It card (not It Miles), every GC redemption option gives you at least 1.07 cpp, some up to 1.25 cpp

Doesn’t Chase UR still offer those? I haven’t looked in almost a year, since I’ve been most of my charges on the Discover Miles which only seems to offer cash back.

Not as reliably. Currently they only have nine options for more than 1 cpp, none are better than 1.11 cpp, and none of them are places I’d shop.

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Discover has several different ones that are $45 Cashback for $50 gift card (10% off ). Some are $20 Cashback for a $25 gift card ( 20% off ).