Good-bye PayPal

And, if you are interested, for myself I use VOIP for the features – call screening that can’t be circumvented by caller-ID spoofing and relays text messages and can be configured to easily prevent unwanted calls and then routes them to my cell phone if I am not home. I can easily make multi-person conference calls or have more than one instance of my number making outgoing calls at the same time and switch between them if I am on hold. For a few dollars more a month I also have a PIN-protected toll-free number I can call to get voice mail and also make outgoing calls in case I lose or break my phone. Basically, an office-quality telephone service (and configurable PBX to boot) from home. And VOIP phones are really cheap on e-bay. Plus text messages come to (and can be sent from) my home desk VOIP phone as well as my cell phone so my cell phone can charge uninterrupted while at home and I don’t miss anything. And a hard-wired (to my home internet) VOIP phone (while not the voice quality of an actual land-line-copper-wire-POTS phone – nothing is, IMHO) is usually a bit better than a cell phone while retaining most of the advantages and not irradiating my head.

Just my two cents.


Yeah I’m with Onenote on that.

That sounds very suspicous. A ‘scum bag’ from India who won’t give up and wants your credit card and alls you multiple times sounds like a phishing scam rather than legit Paypal support.

Sure was suspicious!

Like I said earlier, getting hold of PayPal support is not easy. This jerk in India just popped up.

Dealing with India is very annoying. Right away I thought, “It’s not worth it”. Actually it was pretty hard to get rid of the guy. He recalled a couple times.

No more PayPal!!

That likely wasnt someone from Paypal.

Doesnt paypal have online support? I understand it being hard to call, but you should be able to initiate a dispute over a transaction without ever talking to anyone.


I think it does.

Log in to your PayPal account and go to the Resolution Center. If you have a personal PayPal account, PayPal allows you to dispute a transaction with a seller if you have problems with the product you purchased. You can find a link to the resolution center by clicking on the PayPal icon on the upper-left side of your screen.

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Does paypal have anything but online support. :smile:


“popped up” ??

Did they call you? Or email you?

QUite likely unrelated to Paypal and just a scammer. There are lots of scams that claim they are from Paypal so this is part of what they do.

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I was working on a dispute over not receiving merchandise that was ordered through PayPal. I actually used a phone number connected to PayPal. (at least I thought it was)

An Agent answered, he happened to be located in India. He was very bad news! He informed me that he would refund my money. But the scam began at that moment.

Very bad experience…

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Not directly related to pay pal to my knowledge, but you may like this documentary on how someone outwitted and got a scam call center busted in India. Information from this guy was subsequently used for a BBC documentary on scam call centers and a raid by the Indian police. Here is a link to part one.

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Came across this free site that lets you use phone numbers for just that purpose. Many of the messages I see are for Paypal security codes so I assume it works.